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Ruby has been working with small businesses for over a decade.

No matter the industry, we’ve learned that customer experience plays a big part in building sustainable growth. 

At Ruby, we know that more answered calls leads to more revenue.

Answering just 5 more calls during a workday could lead to:


in revenue for lawyers


in revenue for financial planners


in revenue for plumbers


in revenue for orthodontists

Tips from Ruby’s customer experience experts.

Get tips that help you take control of your time, budget, and customer relationships.

Ruby is more than a virtual receptionist.

Ruby has helped over 14,000 small businesses optimize their customer experience. With our expertise, you’ll be prepared to tackle your most challenging problems.

“I love Ruby! They make me look good, keep costs in check, and always respond promptly if an issue arises… You just cannot replace the value of a live, professional person to answer your calls, especially if you’re in a high-touch, service business…”

Frank Molinar
Molinar and Company

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