Who we serve

Outsource law firm client communication to the pros.

Online and over the phone, Ruby takes care of clients and prospects while giving attorneys more hours and opportunities to grow their practices.

Legal capabilities

24/7 legal virtual receptionists and live chat

From answering calls to generating leads through your website, Ruby provides the personalized experiences your clients expect—no hiring or training required.

More than an answering service.

Ruby’s virtual receptionists screen leads and perform new client intake, schedule appointments, accept payments relay messages on your behalf with outbound calls, and much more.

Increase your billable hours.

90% of Ruby customers capture more billable hours than the national average for attorneys—with many recording double or more.

Flexible, personal, client-centered.

Full-time, after-hours, or as backup, we’re available when and how you need us, always presenting a professional image and creating meaningful connections with the people you serve.

Make your website a lead generation machine.

Engage your website visitors when they’re most receptive with friendly, trained professionals who answer in 60 seconds or less.

Designed for your workflow.

By integrating with the tools you use—such as Clio, MyCase, Rocket Matter, and Zapier—Ruby simplifies client management and eliminates manual updates.

Complete control at your fingertips.

With the Ruby app, you can set your availability and preferences, change call handling instructions, manage activity, and call and text from your Ruby-hosted number.

Case study

How Neil Tyra kept things personal despite competing priorities.

Attorney Neil Tyra uses Ruby to stay productive while ensuring new and existing clients always reach a real person.

“Ruby goes above and beyond for me. They will note my preferences and remember them during phone calls, and they even take initiative to contact me immediately on all of my numbers when a court clerk calls for an upcoming case. Truly professional!”

Andrew Bahr

Andrew Bahr Attorney at Law

We don’t just stand in for our customers. We stand up for today’s legal providers.

For the last 20 years, we’ve spent every day talking, chatting, and connecting with thousands of clients. And because of that, we know better than anyone just how far legal professionals like you go to provide the best possible service to the people you serve.

Whether you’re a solo attorney or manage a growing firm, we’re here to provide solutions and support designed for your business and your clients. No matter the size of your practice—or your goals—Ruby is ready to help whenever and however you need us.

Partner spotlight

Foster Web Marketing: get results with proven digital strategies.

You’ve developed impressive skills as a lawyer, but let’s face it: those skills probably don’t include digital marketing. That’s where Foster Web Marketing comes in.

Ready to reclaim your time and delight clients?

We can help you craft the perfect plan for your practice and the people you serve.