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The highest level of professionalism service we have ever encountered in our past 28 years of being in this industry. We are so glad having Ruby as member of team.


Ruby has been great! They are very prompt and courteous, I have no complaints! They whole crew makes my life so much easier!! Love Ruby!
We are relatively new to Ruby services but we can report that their services are excellent. Having our calls screened and automatically dumping unwanted marketing calls helps us significantly. Each rep answering the phone is “on our team”.

Dennis Ing

I am very pleased with the professionalism of the Ruby team when they are interacting with my clients. It is a service that has proven to be a must have in our business.

Abby McCloud

Equus Radionics
I highly recommend Ruby. Within a month of using it, my phone was non-stop. They are highly professional and I am pretty good with a computer and managing phones but they catch inquiries/customers you are missing. Take the plunge and try to for a month. Y

Elizabeth Mandarino

Ruby has been a fantastic addition for us. It has boosted two areas of our practice that we’re always striving to innovate and improve upon; customer service and marketing. Set up was painless and straightforward.
Everything about it is great. Just having some peace from constant calls was biggest help for me. All my friends and family members gush about how professional it sounds to have a receptionist answer their call. Ruby is the best!!

Alexandra Bassett

“With my previous service, there was a lot of back-and-forth to perfect my setup, but once Ruby was up and running, I didn’t have to touch it. I always receive the information I need to run my business and never have to worry. It’s been seamless.”

Gary Moore

Ruby has done an excellent job in not only representing us, but their customer service in helping us resolve business challenges has been unparalleled. We appreciate everything Ruby has done for us!

Deborah Webb

Ruby staff are always chipper and we receive compliments from client-callers that our “recepitonist” sounds nice. We sometimes acknowledge the compliment and do not disclose that she or he is a Ruby employee.

Gary Bess

Always friendly, prompt and professional. Also, love all the plans offered and fair business practices. Love Ruby!
Hiring Ruby has been one of the best decisions I have made for our dealership! Everyone there has been amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier!

Shannon Garofalo

J Rowe Plumbing Inc
Always friendly to customers. I was amazed at how many people use the chat feature on web-sites.

Mishell Rowe

I would encourage any attorney who is questioning the cost to just go for it. Considering the bar association discount, plus the time you deal with hiring a receptionist, covering when they’re absent, and dealing with payroll taxes—the difference is negli

Wendy Opin

AWE Production
Ruby is indispensable! I’d never get anything done if I didn’t have you running interference.

Anne Wilczak

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