About Ruby

We turn first impressions into lasting loyalty.

Ruby’s people, technology, and service come together to deliver one-of-a-kind customer experiences.

Who we are

Since 2003, Ruby has been all about making personal connections that help small businesses grow. At the heart of everything we do is a promise to treat every moment of customer communication as an opportunity to make a lasting, positive impression. We are committed to the success of our customers, providing exceptional experiences—and a friendly, human touch—for the people they serve.

What we do

Ruby serves small businesses by delivering exceptional customer experiences over the phone and online via website chat. We’re a team of service-oriented professionals blended with an innovative tech company. Our highly trained receptionists use proprietary software to personalize a caller or website visitor’s experience, answer FAQs, transfer callers and take messages, and collect information that makes it easy for the businesses we represent to follow up.

Who we serve

Even more important than what we do is who we do it for. We believe small businesses are the backbones of our communities and deserve every chance to succeed. By providing small businesses with the services, products, and analytics they need to manage customer interactions, we save them time, reduce stress, and enable them to focus on what they do best.

“Frankly, I love Ruby. As much as they extend the compassion and optimism I try to provide my clients, I’ve also learned even more about the value of good customer service from them. Ruby gives off the aloha spirit that we are so proud of in this state, even if they’re not here.”

Diane Haar

Hawaii Disability Legal


What makes Ruby different?

Our people

We believe happiness has a ripple effect: treat people with kindness, and they’re likely to pass it on. Our team treats every interaction with care, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity in order to create unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Our virtual receptionists go through 120 hours of training in empathetic service, conflict resolution, and active listening before ever interacting with your customers. No matter the topic or type of conversation, our team is able to turn even the most routine interactions into loyalty-winning moments for your business.
We know that the success of your people starts with that of our own. That’s why Ruby is committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive workplace culture that honors the diverse perspectives of our team members while also offering opportunities for personal and professional development.

Our virtual receptionists are more than just communication experts—they’re also experts at helping your business identify
and respond to new opportunities. We’ve been doing this since 2003, so you can count on us to provide recommendations and collect insights you can use to achieve more.

1.1+ million
conversations handled per month

1.6+ million
leads generated per year

businesses trust Ruby.

Our technology

Any call—any business

Our proprietary conversation-enabling technology and access to important details about your business ensure that our virtual receptionists sound like a seamless extension of your team. No background noise or unnecessary confusion—we represent your business just like you would.

Zero miscommunications

Our in-house operating system was designed to keep information from slipping through the cracks. Our team can collect and categorize customer details according to your instructions and have it sent to you moments after a call or chat ends.

Streamlined conversations

We know both your and your customers’ time is valuable. That’s why our suite of tools and features works together to streamline the call process and keep each conversation only as long (or short) as it needs to be.

Explore the Ruby app.

Run your business from anywhere with our powerful mobile app. Stay connected, update your availability, and more, in-office or on-the-go.

Our culture

Ruby's vision and mission

Our Vision

We deliver exceptional experiences that build customer loyalty and empower businesses to freely pursue their purpose, cultivating diverse and thriving local economies.

Our Mission

We create meaningful connections and provide actionable insights that capture opportunities and give businesses the freedom over when and how they communicate so they can achieve more.

Ruby's core values

Every day at Ruby begins and ends with how we can serve our customers, which in turn benefits our communities and local economies.

We embrace kindness and empathy by approaching everything we do with compassion, respect, and an open mind. Rooted in transparency and vulnerability, the authentic relationships we build have a ripple effect that reaches far beyond Ruby.

We believe that stepping outside of our comfort zone and being unafraid to take chances can lead to great things. Bold yet thoughtful, we’re invigorated by possibility, undaunted by failure, and see every challenge as an opportunity to learn, adapt and innovate.

We don’t just appreciate our differences, we celebrate them joyfully and honor them with curiosity and respect. When every individual can express themselves fully with honesty and courage, we foster a genuine sense of belonging where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued, enriching us all.

We recognize that every action we take, no matter how big or small, has the potential to build trust, create positive outcomes, and make a difference. We value integrity and accountability in everything we do, celebrating our wins, acknowledging our missteps, and embracing our opportunities.

We are inspired and driven to reach new milestones on our individual and collective journeys of growth and transformation. By always learning, humbly accepting feedback, and supporting each other, we grow and evolve together.

Creating meaningful connections and fostering real relationships is at the heart of our culture and the reason small businesses choose Ruby. We recognize that it takes all of us contributing in small and big ways to build thriving, equitable communities within Ruby and beyond, and we are committed to doing this work.

The Ruby story

It all started with making connections.

In 2003, Ruby started as a small business dedicated to helping other small businesses. We were built on the belief that creating meaningful human connections in our technology-focused world would build trust, foster customer loyalty, and help our customers grow and thrive.

Fast-forward to 2023, and those values continue to shape every aspect of how we operate—both as individuals and as a company.  Our small business beginnings help us understand the needs of the people we serve.

What was once a small, four-person business answering phones in a tiny studio has flourished into what we are today. Ruby employees care not only about the success of our customers, but are inspired by the businesses we serve and share in the joy of their accomplishments.

The Ruby approach

Ruby is the modern version of a hand-written thank you note.

In fact, we still hand-write notes. We could do it all digitally and save a bunch of money on postage, but we don’t. The notes we send don’t even have a price tag. They’re just something we do. And they’re a metaphor for everything we do.

Ruby makes meaningful connections in unexpected ways. We help our customers build great relationships. It’s because we know that first impressions build lasting loyalty, and that builds successful businesses.

Ruby is about doing something because it’s the right thing to do, not the thing we have to do. We’re about doing something because it’ll make someone’s day that much better. We do these little things because, even though they seem insignificant in their own right, they add up. They add up, they multiply, they expand exponentially. We do these things to brighten someone’s day. We do these things to remind our customers that we have their back. We do them all with heart.

The big thing that Ruby does is a hundred little things that make meaningful connections for our customers and that make moments matter.

A dynamic team of leaders, sharing a single vision

Ruby’s leadership team brings together small business expertise and years of experience in delivering operational excellence. Not to mention robust backgrounds in technology with a dedicated focus on customer experience.

Our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion

Ruby’s work community is a blend of cultures, genders, ethnicities, and self-identities that we proudly celebrate. We’re committed to creating a welcoming, accepting, and engaging environment for every person.

Ruby Corps

Ruby Corps is committed to diverse and ongoing volunteer opportunities, donation drives, and financial support. Rubys can give their time and effort during monthly and quarterly events, as well as during our annual signature events. When Rubys get together to help the community, great things happen!


People-powered positivity

Are you a people person? A gifted gabber? A capable conversationalist? Our team is made up of empathic problem solvers dedicated to supporting the success of our customers and their fellow Rubys. If that sounds like you, let’s chat!

Ready to get started?

Hear why 14,000+ small businesses trust Ruby to answer their calls and chats. 

Stephanie Copeland Weber

President & Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie has always been a people person. Which is a good thing, considering she now oversees the hundreds of people that make up our Services, Customer Success, People Operations and IT teams … essentially, the teams that deliver our best in class service and support, and the teams that support a Ruby along their employee journey.

Throughout her career, Stephanie has served in executive roles in customer success, business operations and people leadership, with a proven track record for driving growth and development for successful start-up companies. Part of what drew Stephanie to Ruby was it’s distinctive people-first operating philosophy: engaged and empowered employees are more likely to deliver a customer experience that makes a difference to the tens of thousands of small businesses utilizing Ruby’s products and services. It is Stephanie’s passion and personal mission to make sure Ruby never wavers from its signature people-centric approach as she continues to implement new practices and programs to help the business grow and scale.

A born-and-bred New Yorker, Stephanie and her family have made their way west from Washington D.C., and now happily call the Pacific Northwest home.

Wendy E. Miller

SVP, Customer Success

We’re often told that the customer is always right—but never that they’re always “happy” or “thriving.” Wendy wants to change that, which is why she’s spent her career building teams and products that meet and exceed the needs of small business customers. 

That experience serving the SMB community is what drew her to Ruby, where she now leads multiple teams dedicated to the ongoing success of our customers. She found that many others out there claim to be “customer-centric” but fail to back it up. With Ruby, she knows we don’t just talk the talk (although we are experts at that!)—we also walk the walk. 

Originally from the Midwest, Wendy started her career in NYC and worked her way to Oregon, where she and her husband (and very large dog Larry) continue to explore the city’s unique physical and cultural landscape by taking hikes and enjoying live music. 

Tania Canizales

SVP, Finance

For Tania, finance is more than adding numbers—it’s about adding value. She’s spent her career making that happen at organizations of various kinds and sizes, ranging from startups to multinational tax advising and accounting firms, with a continuous emphasis on driving efficiency, growth, and strategic alignment.
Under Tania’s leadership, Ruby’s finance department serves as a business partner dedicated to ensuring every function, customer, and team member has the resources and support they need to do what they do best. Her extensive experience—which includes multiple career changes and international moves—has given her a broad perspective and made her uniquely sensitive to the realities and needs of different teams. Whether it’s payroll, invoicing, revenue, contracts, or one of many other processes, she delivers value while translating financial details into actionable information. For Tania, it’s ultimately all in service of helping the small business community Ruby serves.
When she’s not working, Tania enjoys traveling and hiking the mountains of Arizona, where she moved after living in Australia for several years. Although it may not be as blue as Perth, Tucson is one of her favorite places in the world (even when it gets cold).