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Give every client the VIP treatment.

Online and over the phone, Ruby captures opportunities for your business while delivering meaningful experiences for the people you serve.

Business services capabilities

24/7 US-based virtual receptionists and live chat

Consultants, creative firms, IT providers, business associations, and other organizations that place a premium on client experience rely on Ruby.

Ruby’s virtual receptionists can schedule appointments, accept payments, answer FAQs, assist with outbound calls, and more—providing you with additional help without additional overhead.

Use Ruby’s managed live chat solution to provide new and existing clients with friendly human service on your website.
Full-time, after-hours, or as backup, we’re available when and how you need us. See real-time insights and turn Ruby on and off with our mobile app.


How Juan Huizar brought marketing and customer communication together with a human touch.

Juan Huizar of Sage Real Estate offers advice on the best ways to educate customers while building relationships (and shares his experience using Ruby).

“Ruby has consistently delivered the best customer service I’ve ever experienced! I have tried two other answering services but they don’t come close to the quality of service at Ruby.”

Business Services
Kerberos International, Inc.

We don’t just stand in for our customers. We stand up for today’s finance providers.

We talk, chat, and connect with thousands of customers and clients every day. And because of that, we know better than anyone just how far experts like you go to provide the best possible service to the people you serve.

Whether you work on your own or manage a growing team, we’re here to provide solutions and support designed for your business and your clients. No matter the size of your operation—or your goals—Ruby is ready to help whenever and however you need us.

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DSG: digital business information management

Make sure you show up online for your community with DSG’s hyperlocal digital marketing services.

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