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How does Ruby work?

Ruby makes it easy for any caller or website visitor to reach a real person in seconds, 24/7/365. See how it works in this online demo. Take a full tour by watching the complete 11-minute video or use the buttons below to jump to specific sections.


Meet Ruby

We make it easy for any caller or website visitor to reach a real person in seconds. Explore how it works.

Chapter 1

How Ruby sounds like a member of your staff

When you use Ruby, people who contact you feel like they’re talking to someone within your office. The secret is our special combination of people, training, and technology.

Chapter 2

How Ruby chats with website visitors

At Ruby, a live chat conversation is just like a phone call, only typed. We create personal connections with website visitors while capably representing your business.

Chapter 3

How Ruby captures opportunities

Ruby can perform qualification and intake for new customers, clients, or patients. In other words, we make sure you get the information you need from potential customers, and then deliver the right new leads to you.

Chapter 4

How Ruby makes sure calls reach the right person

We’re more than an answering service. Whatever your needs, preferences, schedule, or team size, Ruby makes sure every call reaches the right person—saving you time while providing a great experience for callers.

Chapter 5

How Ruby acts as backup for your team

When you or your team are too busy to answer the phone, Ruby’s here to make sure callers connect with a real person. Have calls go to us on an overflow or temporary basis. The Ruby app makes it easy to change instructions in seconds.

Chapter 6

How Ruby handles calls in Spanish

No habla ingles? No hay problema. Our bilingual team is available to assist with incoming and outbound calls, Monday through Friday from 5am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time.

Chapter 7

How Ruby hires and trains for empathetic service

At Ruby, we hire people who love helping people. Then, we rigorously train them to provide empathetic, professional, and efficient service—saving you time while ensuring the people who contact your business feel heard and validated.

Imagine you, powered by Ruby.

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I am very pleased with the professionalism of the Ruby team when they are interacting with my clients. It is a service that has proven to be a must have in our business.

Abby McCloud