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You refer, we reward—it’s that simple.

$150 for you, $150 for your referral.

Share the love for Ruby with a friend, client, or colleague and earn rewards when they sign up! Your referral will receive up to $150 off their first month of virtual receptionist and chat services while you earn a $150 reward for each Ruby customer you refer!

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Who we are

Ruby helps small businesses save time, build loyalty, and create meaningful connections with callers and website visitors through our 24/7 virtual receptionist and live chat solutions.

Who you are

Small businesses are your passion. Whether you advise, create content, or coach SMBs, entrepreneurs, and business owners; you are dedicated to helping them thrive. Your goal is to offer your customers, clients, or members quality resources and solutions that provide a pathway to growth. That’s where Ruby comes in.

Ruby’s affiliate program is simple

We assign you a unique promotion code link for your site to track conversions. Ruby then pays you $150 when your referral signs up with Ruby and each customer you refer receives up to $150 off their first full month of service!

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