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With two decades of experience, Ruby’s virtual receptionists are here to save you time, delight your callers, and capture new customers or clients. Discover why we’re so much more than an answering service.

See how Ruby's virtual receptionists work.

Watch our video to learn how virtual receptionists create personal connections, delight callers, and capture opportunities that empower businesses to grow and thrive.

Virtual Receptionists

Highly trained, US-based
communication pros.

Call handling. Screening. Live transfers. Message taking. Lead capture. The live virtual receptionists at Ruby do it all while creating real, meaningful connections.

24/7 live answering

Full-time, part-time, overflow, after-hours—Ruby’s virtual receptionists are there for your callers whenever they need you.

Flexible call forwarding

Answer only the calls you want to answer. We’ll handle the rest. Send all or some of your calls to Ruby, or use us as backup.

Instant notifications

After a receptionist wraps up a call, we send a notification via email, text, or the Ruby app. Stay connected to your customers and on top of your call activity at any time, from any device.

Appointment scheduling

We work with your preferred calendaring system through your website, so you’re never double-booked.

Lead capture

Ruby captures potential new customers or clients while screening out solicitors and unwanted calls. We’re happy to transfer leads directly to you.

Payment processing

Receptionists in a secure facility can enter payment information into your payment processing link. 

Outbound calling

Need to confirm an appointment or gather details from a client? Send Ruby a request through the app and we’ll handle the call.

Bilingual receptionists

Ruby’s bilingual virtual receptionists ensure callers feel at ease and heard in their preferred language (English or Spanish).

HIPAA compliance

All Ruby receptionists complete HIPAA training, and we have additional HIPAA security on-site to protect you and your patients’ information.

Number porting and hosting

Tap into enhanced features and save money by using Ruby to host your business number. You can even eliminate your phone bill!

Robocall filtering

Automatically route robocalls to your Ruby voicemail box—we don’t answer them live or charge you for them.

Custom voicemail

Don’t want 24/7 answering? No problem. Ruby gives you unlimited voicemail boxes with customized greetings. Check recordings and transcripts instantly.

Why do businesses rely on
Ruby’s virtual receptionists?

Our average answer time is <10 seconds.

That’s less than one ring cycle—which means you won’t lose callers to frustration or your competition. 

20,000 robocalls filtered per month.

Our technology ensures we don’t waste anyone’s time on robocalls, keeping virtual receptionists focused on the conversations that matter.

10+ hours
gained per month.

Whether you need to work, sleep, or catch up on your to-do list, we’ll give you more time to do what matters.

20 years of connections made.

There’s call answering and then there’s providing an oh-wow-you-just-made-my-day caller experience. Ruby has been doing both since 2003.

Mobile App

Meet the Ruby app.

Send calls to Ruby, straight to you, or any other number you choose with call forwarding. Have us hold calls with one tap, or set Ruby as backup—we’ll answer only if you don’t.


Update receptionists on your preferred call answering instructions with the status function, sync your day’s schedule with your call handling using Ruby’s calendar integration, and provide messages you’d like relayed to your callers.


Read receptionist messages and voicemail transcriptions, set follow-up reminders, and track usage and call volume throughout the month.


Show your Ruby-hosted business number as your caller ID when you make calls from the app and keep your personal number private.

Work from anywhere, never miss an opportunity, and make a great impression.

“We did try another local virtual receptionist company, however, we missed the high-quality service that we came to rely on from Ruby. The receptionists at Ruby always sounded confident and were able to convey a sense of professionalism to potential clients. We returned to Ruby after 2 months away. We consider Ruby as a good investment in our business as we are confident with Ruby being the first impression of our firm for potential clients.”

Rupa Karyampudi

MK Disability Lawyers

Five-star Trustpilot review


Learn more about how virtual receptionists work.

We’ve written the book about virtual receptionists. Scratch that—we’ve written several. Explore our resources to learn how virtual receptionist services work, their ROI, and what to look for in a provider.

Industry solutions


Ruby for attorneys and law firms

Ruby is the leading client communication solution for legal professionals. Learn how our key features delight clients while increasing billable hours.


Ruby for home services

Plumbers, roofers, electricians, HVAC technicians, landscapers, and other home services businesses depend on Ruby to save time and generate leads.


Ruby for business services

Consultants, creative firms, IT providers, and countless others use Ruby to ensure clients experience the personalized service they deserve.


Ruby for financial services

CPAs, CFPs, and other accounting professionals rely on Ruby to create personal connections with new and existing clients.


Ruby for small businesses

Whether you just launched or have been serving your community for years, consider Ruby your partner for gaining and retaining customers.

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