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The highest level of professionalism service we have ever encountered in our past 28 years of being in this industry. We are so glad having Ruby as member of team.
Dr. Tracy Magerus
Ruby has been great! They are very prompt and courteous, I have no complaints! They whole crew makes my life so much easier!! Love Ruby!

Dr. Tracy Magerus
Dr. Tracy Magerus

We are relatively new to Ruby services but we can report that their services are excellent. Having our calls screened and automatically dumping unwanted marketing calls helps us significantly. Each rep answering the phone is “on our team”.

Dennis Ing

I am very pleased with the professionalism of the Ruby team when they are interacting with my clients. It is a service that has proven to be a must have in our business.

Abby McCloud

I highly recommend Ruby. Within a month of using it, my phone was non-stop. They are highly professional and I am pretty good with a computer and managing phones but they catch inquiries/customers you are missing. Take the plunge and try to for a month. Y
Garlock Orthodontics
Ruby has been a fantastic addition for us. It has boosted two areas of our practice that we’re always striving to innovate and improve upon; customer service and marketing. Set up was painless and straightforward.

David Garlock
Garlock Orthodontics

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