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Guide: Proven strategies for growing your legal practice

Today’s law firms and attorneys are busier than ever. How can you meet the needs of the people you serve while growing your revenue and expanding your client base? We’ve put together a guide with all the answers.

Infographic: The #1 secret of successful firms

Client satisfaction is the highest-ranking factor to achieving success among legal professionals. It’s also the number one factor for clients when selecting an attorney. See what this means for your practice in our infographic.

Double your billable hours.

Due to daily distractions and competing priorities, American lawyers report billing just 2.5 hours per day, on average. Administrative work, marketing, and business development efforts can eat up an attorney’s time and bottom line. Learn how simple adjustments can help you increase efficiency and profitability.

The ultimate guide to virtual receptionists

Discover how you can turn your callers into customers with virtual receptionists.

Customer service audit checklist

Legal consumer expectations are higher than ever. Are you delivering the personalized, responsive experiences clients demand? Optimize your customer service with our comprehensive checklist.

Workshop: How to delight clients 24/7

In today’s on-demand economy, legal consumers want quick answers, personalized service, and to be able to connect in the way they prefer. Right now, someone is looking for your services, and if they don’t see an easy way to connect, they’ll move on.

Never fear, Ruby is here! In this workshop, we’ll share how Ruby uses our proprietary software to personalize interactions, ensuring calls get to the right person while also keeping you in the loop.

Guide: Happy clients, efficient businesses

Want happier clients? How about more efficiency? Or more revenue? You don’t have to choose. Accomplish it all with legal virtual receptionists. In this stress-free guide, you’ll learn how a virtual receptionist solution like Ruby makes it easy.

The definitive guide to legal outsourcing

Is outsourcing the right move for your law firm? What processes should you outsource? How does it affect client experience?

When client trust is your #1 priority, you want to do your research. Ruby and Hire an Esquire put you at ease with this comprehensive guide.

Going virtual—and thriving

Where and how we work has changed, and likely for the long-term. Taking your makeshift work-from-home set up and transforming it into a sustainable business model might be easier than you think! Our friends at Equivity break down the process step by step.

Attorney answering services: everything you need to know

How does an attorney answering service work? How does it benefit attorneys and their clients? What should you look for in an answering service provider? Check out our article covering these questions and more.

Running your practice with the Ruby app

Stay connected with the Ruby mobile app for iPhone and Android. Features include the option to choose your caller ID, updating your status on the go, streamlined call management with the activity screen, and more!

Win new clients with live chat.

Ruby’s 24/7 live chat engages your website visitors, connecting them with highly trained, caring professionals. The best part? People never know they’re not speaking to your office directly. Watch this video to learn more.

Ruby's legal virtual receptionist and answering services

Ruby’s live virtual receptionists and 24/7 chat services deliver exceptional client experiences that help you save time, win trust, capture new business, and build loyalty.

Plus, our integrations with leading case management software make it easy to streamline practice management and maximize billable hours.

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Attorney at Work reviews Ruby

Delegating calls to a virtual receptionist service can save you time and money. But that’s just one small piece of what you get when you use Ruby. Attorney at Work digs into Ruby’s solution and how it helps solo and small practice attorneys.

Attorney success stories

“We have pivoted to telephonic and online services in a manner that has allowed business to continue, and even increase. We will continue rethinking how we approach servicing our clients, with particular emphasis on virtual and cloud-based systems to meet our clients where they are.”

“Most people don’t see attorneys under happy circumstances, unless they are working on a business deal. In your personal life, you’re either planning for your death, or someone has died, or you’re getting divorced, or someone was hit by a car… having some compassion helps attorneys bring things down to the level of their clients.”

“I made major revisions to my workflows in order to be more paperless and location independent. I use more features in Clio and Microsoft 365 re: cloud storage of documents. I leverage my VoIP phone to be able to answer calls at home. I use MS Teams meetings for video conferences with clients and potential clients. I can serve more clients over a broader geographic area through virtual meetings and make more money.”

“Don’t Panic. Think. Be ready to act decisively. We’re a law firm that takes care of small businesses and we’ve gone to a completely remote and virtual format for our operations. As for our clients, we’re helping them find ways to reorganize their businesses so that they can continue to prosper in this new, contactless society.”

“Video conferencing has become so mainstream that it will forever replace many other types of client interaction. Remote signing and notarization of estate planning documents will become commonplace.”

“We’re a small law firm that works with small healthcare practices and professionals, so we’ve had to adapt every detail of our practice! We’ve moved to an entirely remote practice structure, which has helped us empathize well with our clients’ transitions to telemedicine. We’ll definitely allow more flexible work-from-home policies! Our team has been very productive, and we’ll defer more to them regarding where they work. We’ll probably also move into an office with more delineations of personal space, so we’re already planning for the number of doggy doors we’ll need installed to allow everybody equal access to the firm’s most popular member, Crosby.”

“I would not have made it without having Ruby. Just being able to get an email or a text to say that somebody just called and a live person spoke with them? It goes a long way. People want to talk to people.”

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