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Client Experience

Creating a cohesive client experience is a daunting task for most firms, on a good day. As you manage transitions and changes to your basic infrastructure, now is a great time to reimagine what taking care of your clients looks (and sounds) like.

Level up with our comprehensive customer service checklist today!


Google Screened & You

Google’s algorithms are becoming more sophisticated. In addition to considering location and search term, Google is also looking into how trusted providers are to deliver on the services they offer. How does the impact your practice?


Win New Clients with Chat

Get an inside look on the rising trend of live website chat in our ebook.

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Going Virtual (and staying there)

Where and how we work has changed, and likely for the long-term. Taking your makeshift work-from-home set up and transforming it into a sustainable business model might be easier than you think…


Self Care for the Small Firm Attorney

Ever feel like you don’t have the luxury of making time for yourself? Especially in a moment of economic uncertainty? Here is the thing: you have to take care of yourself to properly take care of your practice, and your clients. Here are some ways to get started.


Resources for Business Owners

A list of businesses offering free or discounted services to small business owners during COVID 19.

Using Ruby on the Go

Tools, Tools, Tools

Running your firm gets a whole lot easier when you have the right tech stack. Hardware, software…all of it matters and opting to invest a little can have a massive return.

Here are some all-star tech tools guaranteed to make you more efficient.


A Little Help with “Hello”

Leveraging technology to make for a better-run practice is a no-brainer, but what if these upgrades could also lead to better experiences?

With the right team of live virtual receptionists, you can improve your infrastructure, reduce overhead, and get more time back into your day all while knowing each and every client is receiving exceptional service.


Using technology to create connections with Ruby.

Our team of live virtual receptionists go above and beyond to create consistently excellent experiences on your behalf. We collect intake, integrate with ClioManage, ClioGrow, and Rocket Matter, and more! Watch the video to see how it all works. 

How to Fail at SEO

Search Engine Optimization expert, Josh Orr, sheds a little light on the mysterious world of Google rankings in a recent post on the Ruby blog.

Read on to avoid the 3 most common SEO pitfalls.


From the Experts

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Priceless insight from industry insiders.


  • Equity in the workplace with Katie Augsburger

  • Wellness during crisis with Amanda Soares

  • Social media during crisis with Melissa Barker


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The Secret to Successful Law Firms

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10 Questions to Ask a Virtual Reception Provider

Ask the right questions and rate virtual reception services with our handy guide and scorecard!