Ruby for mobile.

The app that helps you put your phone away.

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Set it and forget it.

Adjust your preference, set your schedule, and get going. With the Ruby app, you set timeframes for when and where you’re open for calls, who can reach you, and more. If your days are more predictable, simply save call handling instructions for your daily availability.

The VIC (Very Important Caller) list.

Ruby adds an extra touch of familiarity for your high-frequency clients. All it takes is loading your saved contacts into the Ruby app, and we’ll automatically flag those callers. You can also text clients from your Ruby-hosted business number right through the app.

Messaging on the move.

Can’t listen to a voicemail? We’ll transcribe it for you. Need to know more about a client’s message? We’ll give you a little context. It’s all right in the app, making it easy to get updates without being in the office or disrupting your flow.

Two phone lines in one device.

Yup, you read that right.


Start impressing your customers.

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“Callers uniformly praise me for how warm and competent my receptionist is. When I admit that we use Ruby, they often ask for details. I am happy to share the information: I think using Ruby is a key to my firm’s success.”


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