Ruby & MyCase are teaming up to help attorneys increase their billable hours.

Ruby and MyCase: attorney smiling while using laptop at desk

For lawyers, literally every minute counts. Given that attorneys in the US report billing just 2.5 hours per day, on average, a single distraction or time-consuming administrative task can mean the difference between a revenue-generating day and an unproductive one.

That’s why we here at Ruby are pleased to share a new development that gives legal professionals more hours to focus on the work that matters. No, it’s not a device that stops time (we’re still working on that) but it’s the next best thing:

Ruby now integrates with MyCase for streamlined client communication and billing.

With our new capabilities, attorneys and law firms can drastically reduce the time they spend on laborious administrative work while reducing errors and providing better experiences for clients. The integration empowers lawyers to take full advantage of MyCase’s legal practice management software and Ruby’s outsourced communication services.

How does it work?

Here’s how our integration with MyCase can save time and headaches for your firm:

A new or existing client gives you a call or starts a website chat.

One of Ruby’s friendly virtual receptionists answers (we can answer full-timepart-time, or when you’re busy).

The receptionist collects important details from the exchange.

The details get added to both Ruby and MyCase, so you can easily reference them when managing cases and billing.

Client communications? Just got more efficient. Billing? Easier than ever. Leads? Oh, you better believe they’ll be captured.

This new Ruby + MyCase integration has several benefits for attorneys:

More billable hours

Administrative duties are streamlined, enabling you to log more billable hours as you see real-time updates on the status of your work and clients.

Communications tracked in one place

When Ruby answers attorneys’ calls, the information is instantly synced into the MyCase system—all in one place for easy recordkeeping and billing.

Improved lead management

The integration supports the creation of customized web forms that Ruby receptionists use to automatically enter new lead opportunities in MyCase.

Improved analytics

With Ruby answering the phone and sending call details automatically, you have access to more comprehensive lead tracking analytics and can easily view key call information, such as caller ID, timestamp, caller name, caller phone number, voicemails, and call type.

The bottom line: Ruby now works with MyCase to keep your client communications in one source of truth to create operational efficiencies and more billable hours each week. After all, your time is valuable, and it should count that way.

National Average
2.5 billable hours a day.
46% of Ruby's customers:
3-5 billable hours a day.
44% of Ruby's customers
5+ billable hours a day.

That’s a difference of $32-165k per year!

We’re committed to giving you the time, peace of mind, and opportunities your firm counts on.

Many of our customers at Ruby work in the legal field, and we’ve been serving the market for more than 18 years. As such, we recognize the demands on attorneys and are committed to lessening the load wherever possible. In 2021 alone, Ruby answered more than 4 million calls and 8,000 web chats for law firms. We know administrative work, especially, can eat up an attorney’s time, so each call and chat that Ruby handles represent precious time saved and more time dedicated to billable work.

Our virtual receptionists manage the majority of time-intensive client communications for attorneys, and our integration with MyCase helps ensure efficiency across a firm’s entire caseload—whether you’re a firm of one, part of a small practice, or a member of a larger firm.

Your clients have better experiences too, with consistent, responsive service at in every exchange, whether it’s intake, scheduling, invoicing, or a quick check-in. Every conversation our virtual receptionists handle is tracked and shared between Ruby, MyCase, and your firm.

For Ruby customers, our integration with MyCase is available now and can be accessed via the App Directory.

New to Ruby? If you’re a MyCase user, you can receive $75 off your first full month of Ruby’s virtual receptionists and live chat services by signing up here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ruby + MyCase integration, or how Ruby can help your practice, call us at 844-311-7829.