Keep Your Phone Handy During These Key Times

Can you believe 2013 is more than half over? If the beginning of the year feels like it flew by, you’re not imagining it! In a decade as virtual receptionists for a host of small businesses, we’ve compiled years of call data, and have noticed some tried-and-true patterns.

When is your phone most likely to ring?

At the beginning of the year. After a significant lull around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, folks get right down to business at the beginning of the new year. The first weekday in January typically has the highest spike in call volume all year!

The graph below shows the average amount of time that Ruby clients spent on the phone in 2012: 2012 Call Volume

The beginning of the month. Just as folks are raring to go in January, people tend to get an extra burst of steam at the beginning of each month. People typically make more calls at the beginning of each month, with phone calls diminishing from there. 

The beginning of the week. As for weekdays, Mondays are by far the busiest with a steady decline in calls as the week goes on.

Below is the average call volume distribution for our clients, taken from a typical week in March of this year:

Typical Week's Call Volume

The only exception being…

The day after a holiday. Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day — the day following a bank holiday is sure to keep your phone ringing!

Do these trends hold true for your business? Do you notice that you pick up the phone towards the beginning of the week more than on Fridays? We’d love to hear your comments!