Ruby Receptionists’ Virtual Receptionists Ghoul Out for Halloween!

This Sunday is Halloween, and the Ruby® Receptionists team is celebrating with their usual enthusiasm! Many of our live virtual receptionists (or “undead virtual receptionists,” as the case may be) are answering phones dressed up in creative costumes. To make it even more of a scream, and since we’re currently holding our annual “Rubies for Rubys” incentive campaign, we decided to organize a costume contest! Check out our decked out virtual receptionists answering phones in their colorful getups:

Ruby Receptionists' virtual receptionists take a break from answering phones to celebrate Halloween
From left: Serenity C., Clarice S., Amanda S., Lianne C., Amy W., and Lisa O.
Ruby Receptionists' remote receptionists celebrate Halloween!
From left: Ang Gray, Hilary P., LeAnna N., Kate C. (a “killer bee,” get it?!), and Lauren O.
Ruby Receptionists' live virtual receptionists celebrate Halloween!
From top left: Brooke R. Sara-Lee B., Gabby G., Katy M., Monica P., Katie Wilson (yours truly), Monica D., and Stefani V.

Sara-Lee B.’s fantastic mermaid costume (pictured above) took first place! She made it herself complete, with tail!