Ruby acquires Pure Chat

Over its 17 years, Ruby® has remained committed to our mission to deliver real meaningful human connections. Now, more than ever in our on-demand economy, consumers need quick answers and reassurance from businesses. Building trust and delivering a personalized experience is core to not only winning business but securing long-term customers. 

Unfortunately, small business owners are also facing more challenges since the arrival of COVID. Businesses are having to re-imagine how they work all while consumer behavior is changing. Days are getting longer with more evening and weekend demand. Communication channel options are expanding as well as consumers try to find a balance between work and home life.

As technology and consumer habits change, Ruby is working to ensure our customers are able to engage with their clients on any communication channel of choice—which is why we’re pleased to announce Ruby recently acquired Scottsdale-based company Pure Chat. Pure Chat provides live self-chat software as well as an AI-powered chat technology called Artibot.

The acquisition further strengthens Ruby’s position as a 24 x 7, 365-day customer engagement solution for small businesses. Our goal is to enable connections in all parts of the consumer journey—from lead capture and transactions to building trust and providing ongoing support.