30-Day Snapshot: 24-7 Live Chat & Messenger [Case Study]

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Does your 24-7 live chat service include Facebook and Google Messenger?

Home service company chat should, and I’ll tell you why.

Facebook messenger has 1.3 billion active monthly users, and that’s far from the main reason you should be using it.

Over 2 billion messages are sent each month — between people and businesses.

And yet still, that’s not the primary reason — this is:

Facebook Messenger has 100% deliverability, 80%-90% open rates and click-rates over 50%.*

This shows how readily customers accept and open messages from companies sent via Facebook Messenger, and how receptive they are to the content within the message.

Let’s put that into perspective, starting with Messenger stats, and ending with a case study and snapshot.

It’ll cover the combined power of Messenger, SMS, and 24-7 Live Chat, so you can see what these tools can do for home service companies on an individual level.


Compare Messenger stats to the home service company email open (19.68%) & click-through (7.2%) rates.

So should we dump email as a relic of the past?

100% no.

Email still boasts a powerful ROI for residential service companies, and to avoid belaboring the point, I’ll leave it at this.

It works.

So how much better will Facebook Messaging work — with its 80%+ open rate and 50%+ click-through rate?

And Google Messenger isn’t far behind — the stats are still in the works, but we expect to see impressive results from them too!


Back to the question —

Is your live chat service leveraging the power of these platforms?

Because while it’s true to say that 24-7 live chat is powerful as a standalone service, without SMS, Facebook Messenger and Google Messenger, it’s not nearly as effective as it could be.

Let’s take a look at the numbers from a real life 24-7 Live Chat + Facebook Messenger + Google Messenger case study.

For starters, here’s how Ruby performs for residential service clients on average.

Home Service Industry 24-7 Live Chat Service Stats

With a Ryby Chat Specialist (Digital CSR) added to the team, home service companies are able to convert 35% of their chats into quality leads.

Their average response time is 30 seconds, to deliver what many consider an unmatched online customer service experience.

Customers responded with the highest rating possible.


Why is 24-7 live chat so effective?

It’s not an easy question.

A big part of it is the convenience of getting answers immediately.

Another piece in the puzzle is the quality of the information given, and the way it’s delivered, with a human connection (from people, not automated responses).

This is what it looks like in real life.

Client Spotlight: Hunter Super Techs

The Challenge

The home service market emphasis on speed, efficiency, and a masterful, frictionless customer service is far from a misplaced set of ideas.

Amazon is redefining customer expectations with frictionless sales and customer service.

Customers have been clear in expressing and indicating by their actions what they need in 2018, and companies like Hunter Super Techs recognize the need to meet the rising demand.

Simply put, the challenge is:

To meet the growing need for frictionless speed, above & beyond customer service, and an authentic human connection.

The Solution

Above & Beyond Customer Service

Ruby Chat Specialists set Hunter Super Techs apart in the digital arena by delivering the above & beyond customer service that goes beyond even the highest demands of the modern customer.

Part of this is simply being there when the customer needs them, regardless of the day or hour.

24/7 customer service makes a real difference for home service companies, as you’ll soon see in our client spotlight.

Frictionless Speed

When a customer or prospective customer visits the website, a residential service expert known as a Chat Specialist greets them within seconds. If the visitor asks a question, whether through Facebook Messenger, Google Messenger, SMS or the Live Chat box on their website, the response is the same — the question is answered in a matter of seconds.

Human Connection

If the visitor asks a question, they don’t get a robotic auto-reply, but instead, are greeted warmly and given a knowledgeable answer from a professional but friendly human. They respond professionally but with empathy, because they understand that relationships are what build companies.

The Impact | 30 Day Stats

While there’s plenty to be said for building an above & beyond reputation with 24-7 live chat, sometimes it’s more telling to dig into the cold, measurable facts.

Over the last 30 days, these are the numbers from Hunter Super Techs’ records.

30-Day Client Snapshot: Hunter Super Techs

Total Chats: 167 chats.

Leads: 49% were leads. As in, interested prospective customers.

Total Leads: 81 leads converted.

Avg length of chat: 7:40 minutes.*

After hours leads: 13 leads converted.**

In the end, it’s not Messenger that matters — it’s not chatting or SMS — it’s the combination of these tools wielded by a professional live chat specialist.

That’s what will make the deepest impact on your new and current customer experience, and ultimately, your company.



*From an SEO perspective, the longer people stay on your site, the higher your site will rank in Google and other search engines. In this case, 180 chats at an average of 7 minutes each translate into approximately 21 hours of visitor on-page time. Not to mention the clicks that many visitors contribute inside the website while they chat. These clicks are valuable because Google tracks clicks to help decide how relevant and valuable your website is. The more the merrier.

**Between the hours of 7 PM to 7 AM, 13 chats were converted into leads. Without a 24-7 Digital CSR, those visitors would have left without a conversation.

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