Your service superpower with Christina Burns.

Customer service superpower

Last month, Ruby’s VP of Customer Success, Christina Burns, visited the International Roofing Expo to talk about service as a superpower.

I know that might sound odd, focusing on customer service at a roofing event. But customer service is key—no matter your industry.

Consider this.

Jane Doe needs a new roof. She pulls up a directory, or a list of recommendations provided by friends, and starts working her way down. One business doesn’t answer the phone, one is rude, and the third business is warm and inviting.

Which one do you think she pursues? The third business of course—and she hasn’t even talked about prices or quality yet!

In her presentation, Christina talks about three important superpowers (that you already have, you just don’t know it yet.) They are:

  • First impressions
  • Productivity
  • Follow-Through

First Impressions

It takes, on average, 7 seconds for a person to form an opinion based solely on first impressions. This means your first 7 seconds of an interaction with a potential customer could win them, or lose them.

Who do your customers reach when they call you? Voicemail? A phone tree? Or a real person?

Did you know that, according to Helpscout, when people reach voicemail…

  • 67% will just hang up
  • 75% report being frustrated when they can’t just talk to someone
  • 70% of these buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are treated

The best, and easiest, way to make a great first impression is to make certain your customers always reach a real person when they call. Someone who’s friendly, helpful, and ready to kick off a great customer relationship.


The ROI of personal connections.

Discover how you can create connections with potential customers that turn them into loyal customers!



Did you know that it can take 23 minutes to get back “in the groove” after an interruption? When you can easily spend up to 6 hours a day managing interruptions, you can end up losing time faster than you can get things done.

Every time the phone rings and you have to be the person to answer it, you lose around 23 minutes of concentration. A dozen calls in a day, and your productive day is lost.

So, what’s the solution? You need a real person answering your phones to achieve fantastic first impressions, but if you are doing it, you don’t have time to focus on your work.

That’s where Ruby comes in.

Remote receptionists don’t just answer your phones (ticking off superpower #1), they also help you maintain momentum (superpower #2). With the Ruby mobile app, you can hold your calls at any time with the click of a button—avoiding distractions when you’re on a roll. You can review calls and messages in real time, on your schedule—allowing you to prioritize in the moment. And you can manage your day instead of your interruptions.


You’ve impressed your callers. You’re more productive than ever. Now, all that’s left is the follow-through that gets you over the finish line. Remember, customer service is an ongoing adventure.

70% of consumers are willing to spend more when they receive good service. On the flip side, 60% of consumers report that they’ll switch to a competitor for a better experience, according to Helpscout.

This means that, even once you’ve gotten over that first impression hump, customer service is still key.

Luckily, Ruby can help with this step too! Ruby’s team of remote receptionist can return your calls—ensuring your callers get that friendly voice, you’re always in the know (with a summary of every call), and you can stay productive.

It’s that human touch that really matters—those small moments where you remind your customers they’re important to you. And you don’t even need to be the one to do it!

Developing these superpowers could be the difference between winning customers, or losing them before ever even making your pitch.

Christina Burns, VP of Customer Success

A Ruby since 2009 (when she started as a receptionist), Christina brings over a decade of customer service experience to our Customer Happiness and Receptionist Services team. She believes that a grassroots culture of collaboration, support, and personal growth is the key to providing world-class customer service, and she strives to foster that culture within her department every day. Using her signature humor, humility, and compassion to guide her, she leads our service superheroes as they pioneer a new frontier of WOW-worthy service!

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