Ruby Core Values: A Peek Inside the Ruby Guidebook

Upon becoming a Ruby, each of us is introduced to the Ruby Core Values.  We read them, we discuss them, and we are both expected to represent these values at work and encouraged to live by them in our personal lives.  Here’s a peek inside the Ruby guidebook, and a little of my own commentary […]

An Introduction to Ruby Culture

For those of you not in the know, the Ruby culture is a big part of what makes Ruby Receptionists special.  We’re cool, we’re hip, and we’re very Portland. (If a city can be used as an adjective, then that’s what we are.)  Though only a few of us actually grew up in Oregon, we’ve […]

What are you implying (or inferring)?

The words imply and infer both concern information that is suggested, but not explicitly communicated. When you imply, you hint at something without directly stating it. You can imply something when you are speaking, writing, or relaying information in another fashion. To imply is to suggest something without stating it outright. When you infer, you […]