Last Thursday, our lovely team of remote receptionists proved that they are talented at so much more than telephone answering and providing callers with great customer service – they are also awesome bowlers!  We rented a private bowling alley with six lanes at our local college for less than $100 and the Ruby team proved without a doubt that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to have a great time!

Receptionists Stefani, Monica, Holly, Katy, and our staff manager Jewel Miller stepping up to the lane in style!

Jewel Miller, LeAnna, and Heather wait their turn.

Holly T has excellent form for her bumper bowling technique.

What could be better than bowling?  Cheesy matching shoes, throwing around brightly colored balls, junk food, and a room full of Rubys is always a recipe for a great night in our book!  That night, I also learned about some hidden talents of my coworkers.  For example, did you know that your virtual receptionist Tasia P. is a pro at the “granny bowling” technique (you know, the two handed low toss approach)?  Or that Holly T. is an expert at using the side bumpers to her full advantage?  Overall, it was just another wonderful event for the Ruby team!

What kinds of fun things do you do with your office to let loose?  Do you feel those things make a difference in your day to day interactions?

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