What every business can learn from Captain Mike of the Good Ship Netflix.

When’s the last time a customer said they wished they had more problems, just to get a chance to interact with you more? A story went viral last week about a customer service representative at Netflix who not only solved a customer’s routine issue, but actually made him glad he had it in the first place. It all […]

The Path to Better Customer Relationships Begins with Empathy

Back when I was a Star Service & Receptionist Cultivator (what we call staff managers here at Ruby), Mag was one of my favorite virtual receptionists to listen to while she took calls. She’s always had an incredible ability to empathize, and the way she can pick up on the slightest show of emotion from a caller is really something. […]

Ruby Supports Dress for Success Oregon at the First Annual Empowerment Breakfast

This morning, several Rubys and I were honored to attend Dress for Success Oregon’s first ever Empowerment Breakfast! We heard from several inspirational speakers, including the First Lady of Oregon, Cylvia Hayes, and altogether, the event raised over $40,000 for expanding their career center and job retention resources! As a primarily female company that encourages […]

5 Email Etiquette Tips for an Excellent Customer Experience

Customer service etiquette: your top growth strategy. Email isn’t just a resource for communication—strong client email etiquette is a tool to make great impressions on those you do business with. After all, every email sent is an opportunity to show customers who you are as an individual and as a company, so don’t underestimate the […]