Business Unusual: Delegation & Remote Workers

Missed Part 1? Check out Jehan’s first interview here. Read the Interview Jill McKenna:Hello everyone. I am Jill McKenna. I am the Marketing Campaign Manager here at Ruby, and I’m so delighted today to be speaking with Jehan Noon, CEO and founder of Noon Dalton. Thank you so much for being here, Jehan. Jehan Noon:My […]

Ruby wins 2020 Momentum Award

Ruby wins 2020 Momentum Award We’re incredibly honored to be recognized by the Technology Association of Oregon as the winner of the 2020 Momentum Award, announced last night at the annual Oregon Tech Awards. This is the first year of this particular award which honors companies on the precipice of enterprise status. To qualify, nominees […]

Business Unusual: Manage Remote Teams with Jehan Noon

Read the Interview Jill McKenna:Thanks, everyone, for being here. I am Jill McKenna. I’m the Campaign Marketing Manager here at Ruby. And I’m so happy to be speaking today with Jehan Noon, CEO and founder of Noon Dalton. Founded in 2009, Noon Dalton is a leading provider of skilled remote teams for businesses and entrepreneurs […]

The story of a lead: Casey.

Meet Casey.  Casey is… Well, Casey is a person, and they live in… a place. Everyone has to live somewhere, right? Casey has certain identifying characteristics—an age, a background, a personal history—you know, the common traits any human being would possess. And they probably have preferences, a personality, specific likes and dislikes… Probably. They definitely […]

Tips for Doing Your Best Work While WFH

Working from home right now is not without its challenges. The line between home life and work-life has become blurry. Roughly 46 percent of American businesses have implemented remote-work policies as of mid-February. This is a huge jump from 2017, when just 3.4 percent of Americans worked remotely, half of the time. In other words, […]

The story of a lead: Bryan.

Meet Bryan.  Bryan is a 36-year-old single dad who recently relocated from Hong Kong to the United States. Bryan would describe himself as a nerd and a homebody. He loves cooking, painting, musical theater, and learning new languages. Although Bryan doesn’t open up to new people immediately, he has several close friends who love him […]

The story of a lead: Amy.

Meet Amy.  Amy’s a 55-year-old political consultant with a Texas accent and a big, boisterous laugh. She loves hiking, kickboxing, and her dog Bruce. She’s outgoing and sharp-witted, with a firm yet friendly demeanor that indicates she’ll happily engage in conversation, but you better not waste her time. Right now, however, the most important thing […]