Business Unusual: Content Creation & SEO

Content Marketing & SEO “The marketers who are going to win are building trust and authority with customers and prospects, and the way you do that is through content.” Justin Dunham, Ercule Read the Interview Jill McKenna:Thanks, everyone, for joining us today. I am Jill McKenna. I’m the campaign marketing manager at Ruby. And I’m […]

The Dish on Google Screened & What it Means for Attorneys

Consumers want two things: convenience and excellent service. And while search engines, smartphones, and click-to-call technology have taken care of the convenience part, finding a business that also delivers a great experience is much trickier. Fortunately, search engines like Google are getting the hint. Algorithms are beginning to consider the context of a customer’s query […]

Business Unusual: Website Content 101

We all know that simply creating a website isn’t enough to keep traffic coming, and that’s where content creation comes in. In this first or three parts discussion with Justin Dunham from Ercule, we demystify content creation and dispel the belief that creating content needs to be difficult. More from Ercule Read the Interview Jill […]

Self Care for the Business Owner

If the phrase “self-care” makes you roll your eyes, I get it.  Many small business owners feel like they don’t have the luxury of making time for themselves. Settling in with a book and a cup of tea? Not this afternoon. Soaking away in a bubble bath? Not any time this week. Taking a day […]

Live chat for schools: how you can woo prospective students

As we move into the beginning of the academic year, colleges are wondering what steps they need to take to adapt to new scholastic and economic environments. Now that students are engaging in distance learning, it’s time for colleges to consider adopting new communication channels to meet both current and prospective students where they are: […]

Business Unusual: Branding, networking, and human connection.

The task of small businesses right now is not simple. How can companies remain true to our values, connect with our customers, and create real connections during ongoing confusion and change? We sat down to speak with writer and brand storyteller Amber Pechin of Amplitude Media, about how to lead with earnestness, empathy, and real […]

Customer communication: What mood are you setting right now?

Between wildfires, hurricanes, police brutality, and civil unrest, the pandemic, the election, and um, Quibi, 2020 has been a lot. A lot of a lot. Oh, did I mention the economy? You know what—it’s probably better I don’t. How in the 2020 is a business supposed to function right now? Six months after the world […]

Making C-suite communication personal: an interview with Ruby CMO Rebecca Grimes

If you’ve made it this far into 2020 with your business intact, congratulations. There’s maybe never been a harder time in modern history to run a company than right now.  Between environmental disasters, civil and political unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fallout of said pandemic, and more, there’s a lot going on at the […]