How to change someone’s mind—in sales objections and beyond.

How do you change someone’s mind? The question has long baffled philosophers, educators, researchers, and leaders of all kinds—not to mention salespeople and customer service professionals.  If you’ve ever dealt with someone who had a misguided assumption, irrational objection, or unsubstantiated complaint about your business, you know how challenging it is to talk them out […]

Live chat: the good and the bad.

Outstanding customer service shines through the details. The chime when a visitor opens the front door, the number of rings before the phone gets answered, the words an agent uses to greet someone, the penmanship of a handwritten thank-you note—these are the kinds of small touches customer-centric companies obsess over. (How do I know? Because […]

Tips For Strengthening Customer Communication

Gartner predicted that 89% of companies would compete mostly on customer experience this year. The customer journey starts with their first introduction to your brand, which will most likely be your website. Even the most successful brands are in a process of figuring out how to improve customer communication. Bain & Company found that while […]

A Letter to Our Customers

Dear small business owner,  Where to begin? Putting a year into perspective is never simple, but this year…   It’s safe to say the last several months will go down as one of the most turbulent periods in modern history. I’d like to imagine that 2020 will become a yardstick to measure challenging experiences. We’ll say, […]

Business Unusual: Sustainable Models

In this third and final installment of our vital interview with Shauntrice Martin, Founder of Feed the West and Black Market KY, she speaks about the drawbacks of non-profit structure and why she chose to establish her business as a for-profit model as a social enterprise, ensuring a sustainable living wage and a beneficial establishment […]

Business Unusual: Growth in Uncertainty

It takes a true visionary to witness need and step up to implement beneficial change with minimal resources starting out. In part two of our incredible interview with Shauntrice Martin, we spoke about collaboration, creating innovative change during crisis, and utilizing community partnerships to benefit the many. (Please note: this was recorded while Shauntrice was […]

Business Unusual: Opportunity & Crisis

Shauntrice Martin is a visionary business owner, leading progressive change in her community and in the business world. Director and founder of #FeedTheWest, a food justice program sponsored by Black Lives Matter Louisville and Change Today, Change Tomorrow. Shauntrice studied food apartheid in Belize, Iceland, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and across the United States. Recently, […]