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Never miss an opportunity to create an unforgettable experience and land your next big client. Ruby’s chat specialists convert website visitors into customers—and customers into passionate advocates for your business.

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Explore how Ruby’s live chat solution works. 

First, your website visitors start a chat. 

And they’re connected with a live chat specialist. We serve as an extension of your team—your customers never know the difference.

Next, we build a connection.

Ruby’s chat specialists are experts at real, unscripted conversations. And, because we charge per chat versus by minutes, our team takes the time to create a naturally flowing conversation that addresses all your visitors’ needs, ensuring a top-notch experience every time.

Then, we transfer hot leads to your team.

We guide chat visitors through next steps like answering your business’ FAQs, collecting necessary contact details, and connecting calls directly to your sales team through our call-connect feature.

Finally, we send you an activity summary.

You’ll receive real-time notifications via email and your online dashboard. Easily view contact details and chat transcripts for quick qualification and follow-up.

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Ruby Full-Service Chat Features

  • Extended Business Hours

    Business doesn’t stop at 5pm—and neither do we. Ruby is here 24/7/365 to connect with your website visitors and provide the help they need. 

  • Lead Qualification

    Ruby chat specialists collect and verify the information you need to prioritize your sales follow-ups.  Our specialists tag each chat as a lead, actionable support, non-actionable support, or spam, helping you understand who’s contacting your business so you can maximize your team’s efficiency.

  • Call-Connect

    Ruby’s call-connecting feature takes the website leads our chat specialists capture and connect them to you via your direct line.  Our call-connecting team is available Monday through Friday, 5am to 6pm Pacific.

  • Mobile App

    Available for iOS and Android, the Ruby app makes it easy to monitor chat activity, view transcripts, review leads and other tagged conversations, and set up instant notifications for new leads. 

  • CRM Integrations

    Ruby integrates with multiple customer relationship management (CRM) systems to make it easy for you to track and manage communications with everyone you serve. When chats come in, our chat specialists use your CRM webforms to relay messages and keep your communications all in one place. 

  • HIPAA-Compliant Communications

    Use Ruby’s optional HIPAA-compliant services to safeguard your patients’ privacy. All our team members complete HIPAA training, and we have additional HIPAA security on site to help protect your information. Rather than sending your full messages via email or text, we will send you an email notification alerting you when you have a new message or voicemail. You’ll have access to every message and voicemail via our online portal at, as well as the Ruby app.

A Guide to Website Chat

Discover the rise in the chat trend, and how it can better your business.


Real people in the people business.

Ruby’s awards, recognition, and unprecedented growth all come down to one thing: our culture of people-powered goodness.


Hello, I’m Cameron.

  • Virtual Receptionist & Chat Specialist
  • Beaverton, Oregon
  • Movie fanatic and indie musician.

Numbers don’t lie.

  • 20%+ Boost in new business leads.
  • 10hrs+ of distraction-free time gained back per month.
  • 10%+ Increase in customer happiness.

As reported by a majority of respondents to Ruby’s February 2019 Customer Survey.

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*Ruby is delighted to offer a money-back guarantee to first time users of both our virtual receptionist service and our chat service. To cancel your service and obtain a full refund for the canceled service (less any multi-service discount), please notify us of the service you wish to cancel either within 21 days of your purchase of that service or before your usage exceeds 500 receptionist minutes/50 billable chats, as applicable, whichever occurs sooner. Some restrictions may apply.


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