The call forwarding service that cares.

After all, your future business is on the line. 

How it works


We say hello to your caller with a customized greeting. “Thank you for calling ABC Company, how may I help you today?”


Based on your customized call-handling instructions, we either forward the call to you, take a message, or send the caller to voicemail.


When the call is complete, the receptionist sends an email, text, or app notification with the caller’s message and any relevant details.


We can engage your callers in other ways including answering FAQs, scheduling appointments and completing short intake forms.

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Option A: Manual call forwarding

Forward calls to Ruby the old-fashioned way. Simply dial a three-digit code and the phone number you want to forward to. (Smartphones make it even easier as there’s usually a “call forwarding” option in the settings menu.) Once you’ve set things up, your calls will be forwarded straight to us.

Option B: Remote call forwarding

Forward your business calls to Ruby using any phone. Follow the prompts to forward your toll-free number to our team of caller-impressing, privacy-protecting, award-winning virtual receptionists. With this option, you can even check your voicemails from afar.

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Option C: Delayed call forwarding.

every call to ring in your office (for a pre-determined number of rings) before it is forwarded. This is a great option if you tend to come and go frequently and like to have the option of handling your own calls. This feature is available through most telephone service providers, and can typically be activated by contacting a service representative.

Ready to stop juggling phones?

When you port your number to Ruby, you can reduce your phone bill.

Mobile App

Meet the Ruby app.

Send calls to Ruby, straight to you, or any other number you choose with call forwarding. Have us hold calls with one tap, or set Ruby as backup—we’ll answer only if you don’t.


Update receptionists on your preferred call answering instructions with the status function, sync your day’s schedule with your call handling using Ruby’s calendar integration, and provide messages you’d like relayed to your callers.


Read receptionist messages and voicemail transcriptions, set follow-up reminders, and track usage and call volume throughout the month.


Show your Ruby-hosted business number as your caller ID when you make calls from the app and keep your personal number private.

Work from anywhere, never miss an opportunity, and make a great impression.