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Earn a $150 PayPal payout when a friend signs up for Ruby.

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You refer, we reward—it’s that simple.

$150 for you, $100 for a friend.

Share the love for Ruby with a friend, client or colleague and earn rewards when they sign up! You’ll earn a $150 PayPal payout and they’ll earn $100 in the form of gift cards or donations.

Need info to share with a friend?

Just to make it easy, we’ve put together a little summary of how this whole thing works.

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You’ll earn a $150 PayPal payout!

Your referral will receive $100 in the form of a gift card or charitable donation. View the full list.

Referrals can treat themselves with Visa & retail gift cards.

Referrals can contribute to a cause they care about with charitable donations.

*Referral reward cannot be combined with other offers. The reward is available in the form of a gift card or charitable donation five days after the completion of the referral’s 14-day free trial.

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