Celebrating Our amazing receptionists with a new wage model.


Being an “Ambassador of First Impressions” is a tough job. You must be articulate, professional, decisive and, most importantly, utterly delightful. Our receptionists are highly trained in the art of human interaction and enjoy going above and beyond for our clients. It is through their hard work and dedication that Ruby has become a leader in delivering exceptional customer experiences, so it’s important to us they feel valued and appreciated for the meaningful work they do.

Last week we announced we would be increasing our starting wage for receptionists to $15 per hour. Additionally, receptionists will now receive regular wage bumps based on their time with Ruby, increasing to $16 per hour after one year and upwards of $19 per hour after four years. The announcement, which was delivered at our quarterly staff meeting by CEO Jill Nelson, has been met with widespread enthusiasm—not only from Ruby staff, but from the community as well. We are very thankful for the outpouring of support we have had from our clients and fellow businesses.

Our new wage structure joins many other programs we have in place that seek to incent, inspire, and empower employees each and every day. From our annual Happiness Journal challenge and “Five at Five Sabbaticals,” to our WOW Station and in-house fitness programs, we are always looking for ways to practice our values of Fostering Happiness and Creating Community within our own walls, so our staff is well-prepared to do the same for our clients.