Client Spotlight: Attorney Herbert W. Wilson II

Attorney Herb WilsonOur virtual receptionists have been happily answering calls for The Law Office of Herbert W. Wilson II for nearly two years. Following in his father’s footsteps, Herbert Wilson II has been practicing law as a solo attorney since 2009 and aiding the people of his hometown, Gulfport, Mississippi, with their domestic and criminal matters. I’ve asked Herbert about his practice, and his time as a Ruby client!

Tell us about your practice.

I started the office out of my grandfather’s house in late 2009 /early 2010. I was just out of law school and looking for jobs that didn’t exist. I’m now in my dad’s old office from when he was a solo. He’s mostly retired now, but still helps me out from time to time when I need him. Even on days when I don’t need help, he still comes into the office to keep me company and talk me through problems.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My dad and I are close, so my favorite part of my job is getting to work with and spend time with him. My favorite thing about the work itself is when a client tells me that I’ve really helped them. I’m such a big softie, and it just puts me on top of the world when a client takes the time out to thank me.

Did you answer your own phone before you started using Ruby’s virtual receptionist service?

I did. Clients liked it when they could reach me, but didn’t like having to leave voicemails when I was busy.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in your business since hiring Ruby?

I’ve had a much easier time getting retained by new clients since switching to Ruby because they’re getting to talk to an actual person. Prior to Ruby, if I were in a plea hearing and missing a bunch of calls, many of them would have moved on to the next name in the phone book by the time I was able to call back. With Ruby, I’ve noticed people tend to be more patient about waiting for a return call. Clients really seem to prefer being able to talk to someone. I’ve also had an easier time keeping track of missed calls and making sure I can follow through with new and old clients, which keeps me organized and less stressed.

What do your callers think of your receptionist?

I have heard nothing but unequivocal praise. I’ve had multiple lawyers and clients tell me “You have the nicest secretary I have ever talked to!”

Thanks to Herbert for taking the time to chat! If you’d like to learn more about Herbert’s law office, feel welcome to visit his website here.

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