How does your customer service score? Take the quiz.

What makes a company’s customer service special?

Maybe more importantly, what causes customer service to miss the mark?

And where does your business fit into all this?

Ruby has the answers; we know them from experience. Over two decades of delighting customers and making meaningful moments on behalf of thousands of small businesses, we’ve developed a keen understanding of customer service—how to do it right, what people expect from it, where and why it falls short, and more.

That knowledge formed the basis of one of our most popular articles, Ruby’s customer service audit checklist. Now we’re expanding on the checklist with an interactive tool you can use to audit your own customer service in minutes.

Introducing: the customer service quiz!

This 10-minute assessment covers every area of your customers’ or clients’ experiences with your business. You’ll find out what you’re doing well, what you should consider improving, and what it takes to bring your customer service to the next level.

The quiz is divided into three sections:

1. Your customer service foundation: Do you have the infrastructure, staff, and training to meet caller and website visitor expectations?

2. Your quality of customer service: What kinds of interactions do people have with your business, and what sentiments do those experiences create?

3. Your customer service technology: How do you keep track of conversations, outcomes, and key metrics such as communication volume and answer rate?

As mentioned, the quiz takes about 10 minutes to complete—but could be a bit shorter or longer depending on what information you know offhand and what you need to look into. Regardless, this is time well spent as your results will save you countless hours you would otherwise spend determining where and how to improve your customer service.

Ready to see how your business scores?