Free Tech Tools We Love: Gravatar, Spark, and Google Docs

We’re big fans of innovation here at Ruby® Receptionists; in fact, our virtual receptionists use advanced technology to answer phones for a variety of different businesses every day. And when we find out about a particularly helpful tech tool, we jump at the chance to share it with other business owners. Here are three more free tools that we use to help us communicate and share:

  • Spark – Ruby’s virtual receptionists are constantly answering phones and routing calls. That doesn’t leave room for a lot of communication between coworkers – something essential to our Core Value of Creating Community. We found our solution in Spark, a free open source instant messaging platform. Our receptionists can relay info, ask questions, and chat all over a secure internal network.
  • Google Docs – Named one of the 10 Best Productivity Apps of 2010, when you need to share and edit a document with multiple people, Google Docs is a great (and free!) way to accomplish it. For example, the Ruby social media team uses this tool to host our editorial calendar. It keeps us on track so we can post consistently and keep our content diverse.
  • Gravatar – Have you seen the little photo icon that appears next to my name when I add a comment to one of our Watercooler posts? Yep, that’s me! I uploaded a picture for free on Gravatar, and the photo follows me (by the email address I use) to whatever blog I’m posting on. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to any comment!

Feel free to test out Gravatar by posting a comment below! Say hi, and watch your photo appear!

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