How to Hire the Best and the Brightest for Your Business

How to Hire Great Employees
You want employees who are going to care for your customers, go above and beyond, and who are in it for the long haul. But how will you know if you’ve found your next all-star?

Get to know prospective employees as people.

When we’re looking for a new virtual receptionist, candidates don’t go through an “interview”; they have a “sit-with.” Meeting with several different people, at various levels of the company, lets prospective employees loosen up and feel more comfortable showing their personalities — which is exactly what we’re looking for. How can you make candidates feel more comfortable and get to know them better?

Hire based on your company Core Values.

At Ruby, we hire “people people.” Do they delight in making someone’s day? Do they love learning new things? Are they always looking for ways to do things better? When chatting with their potential coworkers, do they try to get to know them better? Are they excited when they hear our Core Values? Different companies will have different characteristics they look for new employees (Nike might value a passion for athletics, for example).

What qualities correspond to your Core Values?

Train, train, train!

You may need to sacrifice experience for the right culture fit, so give new employees the tools to succeed through stellar training. Almost everyone at Ruby started out as a virtual receptionist, and it’s thanks to fantastic training (written by fellow blogger Phoebe Osborn!) that new hires are well-equipped and our internal promotions are smooth sailing. Are you prepared with solid training for your new employees?

For more on how to hire the right people and create a culture of exceptional customer experiences, watch Ruby CEO Jill Nelson’s presentation on “Practicing WOWism” on YouTube!