Impress Your Callers with a Customized Spelling Alphabet

There are endless ways a company can build wonderful, lasting impressions with their customers, and no detail is too small to overlook. When an employee has a friendly elevator chat with a client, or a new customer receives their first invoice, they have a valuable opportunity to make a great impression. By infusing your brand into every touchpoint that your company makes with customers, you can Create Experiences at every turn. One simple and easy way to do this over the phone is to use a customized spelling alphabet when verifying information.
You’re probably familiar with the NATO spelling alphabet.  A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo? That’s the one! It’s a trusty old system that carries a feeling of utilitarianism, and for the military, it’s perfect! However, most companies would like to provide a warmer, more personal customer experience.

That’s why a branded spelling alphabet is perfect for confirming the spelling of names, companies, addresses, or any other bits of information you’d like to spell correctly! When using the Ruby Spelling Alphabet, a conversation might go something like this:

You: May I have your name?

Caller: Certainly! It’s John.

You:  Is that John with an H? J as in Joy, O as in Outstanding, H as in Happy, and N as in Naturally?

Caller: Yes, that’s right.

You: Wonderful! Thank you, John!

With a simple spelling verification, you’ll send a message about who you are and the experience you hope to give callers. Suddenly, a routine spelling verification stands out as unique and memorable! Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received so far:

“You’re the most positive person ever!”  

“I like your style.”

“I hope you do that with every call! That was the most exciting spelling confirmation I’ve experienced!”

Download the Ruby Spelling Alphabet or create your own using words specific to your company philosophy and values. Watch out for similar sounding words when designing your alphabet. A caller might hear B as in Beach, when you ask, “Is that P as in Peach?” No matter what, callers will love your fresh take!