Impress Your Clients by Leaving a Solid Voicemail Message

Placing a call
Photo by Jamie

If your mind has ever gone blank at the sound of a voicemail beep!, then you know fumbling to leave an awkward voicemail message isn’t fun. Leaving a rambling message on your best pal’s phone may be no biggie, but a solid message is key when calling a major client you hope to do business with.

Our clients know that Ruby is not only a fantastic phone answering solution — our virtual receptionists can make outbound calls on behalf of our clients, too, and these pros have no fear of the beep! Here are some tips from the Ruby team for leaving a voicemail message that is sure to impress:

Plan before you dial. 

Leaving a thoughtful message can be a breeze if you envision the possibility of reaching that beep! Consider what you’d want to convey in a voicemail before making your call. Do you have a message that can be summed up shortly? Or would you rather simply ask for a return call if you reach voicemail? Many voicemail systems allow only a minute or two of recording time, so mentally mapping out a concise message can help you avoid being cut off mid-sentence.

Use the three-part voicemail start.

When you hear that beep!, begin your message with a warm, three-part introduction. First, greet the person you’re calling. Next, introduce yourself with your name, and add your company name if applicable. Finally, state your telephone number. Giving your contact information right away helps ensure that the person you’re calling can return your call even if your message is cut off. Here’s what a friendly three-part start looks like: “Hi, Denise! This is Phoebe Osborn from Ruby Receptionists. I can be reached at 866-611-7829.”

Put your plan in action.

Now it’s time to leave that message. Aren’t you glad you took a moment to plan ahead before making your call? Keep it short and sweet. If you have a lot to convey, leave the gist and politely request a follow-up call: “I have some questions about next week’s conference, and I’d love to talk to you about them. Would you please call me when you have a chance?”

End with a wave and a smile, voicemail style.

Wrap up your message by restating your name, company name, and telephone number, and be sure to add a friendly comment before signing off: “Again, this is Phoebe Osborn from Ruby at 866-611-7829. Have a wonderful day!”

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