Phone Etiquette Tip: 4 Steps to Speakerphone Success

Photo by Stewart Chambers

At our virtual receptionist service, the Ruby® crew takes pride in being charming, friendly, and professional during every call. Our telephone answering connoisseurs usually chat with callers one-on-one, but we revel in the chance to wow a group of people when we receive the occasional speakerphone call. If you use a speakerphone often, try these four tips to add a little Ruby-style charm to your routine:

Ask first. Before placing someone on speakerphone, ask permission, and introduce anyone in earshot. “Would you mind if I put you on speakerphone? Tim and I are in the room, and I’d love for him to be a part of our conversation.” If the person you’re speaking with doesn’t wish to be placed on speakerphone, don’t put ‘em on speakerphone! It may not be the most convenient thing for you, but you’ll build rapport by respecting your colleague’s wishes.

Introduce. If you need to generate a call on speakerphone, always alert the person you’re calling right off the bat, and include an opt-out:

 “Hi, Susan! I have you on speakerphone because I am driving. Please let me know if you have any trouble hearing me.”

“Hi, Kevin! Claire and I are here, and we have you on speakerphone. If this is a bad time for you, just let us know!”

Broach the subject. If you receive a call and hear that telltale speakerphone echo, try inquiring with this polite question: “May I ask if I’m on speakerphone? I’d love to say hello to anyone who is part of the conversation!”

Limit background noise. When on the speaker-end of a speakerphone call, be mindful of any noise you create — if you’re rustling papers or moving about the room, you may sound like you’re not devoting your attention to the folks you’re chatting with.

Do you have any speakerphone etiquette tips to share with our phone answering team? Leave a comment below!