We’re hiring in Texas!

Ruby hiring in Texas: a snippet of Ruby's career brochure showing faces of three virtual receptionists in a colorful collage

Wherever small businesses go, Ruby’s virtual receptionists go too. That’s why we’re pleased to announce we’re expanding our hiring efforts into Texas.

The second-largest state economy in the nation, the Lone Star State is home to over 2.7 million small businesses, including many of the businesses Ruby serves. Whether that population includes your business or not (or if you’re here to learn more about our employment opportunities), this expansion is nothing but good news. Here’s why:

More virtual receptionists, more connections, and more growth for small businesses

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work building our tools, technology, and team to better support small businesses and the people they serve.

Since 2019, Ruby has…

Last year, we hit a new milestone when we began hiring for fully-remote roles, starting in Arizona. As we brought in new team members there and elsewhere—transforming our training and embracing a hybrid workforce culture along the way—it was only a matter of time before we took the next step.

Ruby CEO Kate Winkler explains:

“Texas has been a top customer market for Ruby for a number of years. As we explored areas to expand our employee base, it made sense to open opportunities where we already had a presence in the community, enabling us to further build those critical connections between our receptionists, our customers, and those reaching out to them over the phone or web.”

In other words, hiring virtual receptionists who live in Texas makes it even easier for Ruby to provide the personal, friendly, connection-making service we’re known for. It also helps us ensure the people we hire reflect the businesses we serve. Customers in Texas and beyond benefit from having a larger, more diverse team of receptionists in Texas and beyond. Win-win!

Supporting Texans and their families with rewarding career opportunities

Expanding into a state as an employer is a big responsibility—and one we don’t take lightly. As more and more companies enter or move into the state, we’re holding ourselves to a high standard in terms of wages, benefits, inclusivity, safety, and employee experience.

Ruby’s workforce community is a blend of cultures, genders, ethnicities, and self-identities that we proudly celebrate. Our culture stems from all employees at every level taking ownership to foster a diverse environment where people feel valued, respected, and heard. We’re a lively bunch who love having fun and creating unforgettable experiences for not only our customers and their callers and website visitors, but each other as well.

And we offer more than a positive, welcoming culture. Benefits of working at Ruby include:

  • Competitive pay scales
  • Quarterly bonus opportunities
  • Comprehensive benefits offerings
  • A work-from-home internet stipend
  • Quarterly Wellness funds
  • Paid time off and floating holidays
  • 401(k) matching
  • Sabbaticals at five years
  • An Employee Assistance Program
  • A donation matching program

Did you know? Ruby has raised hourly wages twice over the past 18 months while avoiding any pandemic-related layoffs.

For more information about working for Ruby, our commitments to inclusivity and human rights, and our current openings, head to our careers page or download our brochure (PDF).

To stay in touch with the latest Ruby news and employee updates (or argue about whether KC or Texas BBQ is better), connect with us on LinkedIn and Instagram.