Customer service tips for small business success

Start creating customers for life

Whether you sell customizable sporting goods, run a dental practice, or train dogs, you’re in the customer service world. Your expertise in your particular field may attract clients, but the way you treat them is what creates life-long fans! I’ve spent my career in customer service and want to share four game-changing tips that will help you master the art of client interaction.

Avoid distraction

Focusing solely on the task at hand while maintaining the flow of your business can be a challenge. Yet it makes all the difference! When you’re speaking to someone, try to drown out all background noise. Remaining in the moment will help you think critically about the situation, problem solve, and appear more present—creating a better experience for your client.

Every time I chat with a customer on the phone, all I have in front of me is a scratch pad for notes, and something to fiddle with to keep my hands busy, which helps keep other distractions at bay. This empowers me to give each customer my undivided attention.

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Consider their perspective

You’ve heard the expression, “the customer is always right,”—right?

Of course you have! The reason you’ve heard it is because it’s true. You may know all there is to know about your business, including the nitty gritty details, but your customers are the ones seeing the finished product on display. It’s incredibly important to think about how someone is experiencing your business. After all, customers create revenue and keep you going, so their input is invaluable.

Be genuine

I once heard a colleague of mine say that when they’re on a call with a customer, they imagine they’re talking to their dad. It sounded silly to me at first, but when I really stopped to think about it, it made sense.

You don’t necessarily have to think about a family member, but try to consider speaking with your customer as if you’re talking to someone who you can be your most genuine self around. Your customers aren’t strangers; they’re real people who are choosing to invest in your company. They deserve to be treated like friends!

Stay curious

I’m a firm believer in personal growth and development. This means remaining willing and open to learning opportunities. Every time you’re providing customer service, try to stay curious and involved in the situation. How does the customer feel? What caused this to happen? Are there any processes you can implement to avoid a problem in the future? Each interaction with a customer is a learning opportunity to better your practices—and maybe even your products.

Customer service is a rewarding skill. It helps you grow your company, build trust, and—most importantly—it gives you opportunities to make someone’s day.

When you provide stellar service on top of an amazing product, you’re proving your company’s value. Ultimately, you’re showing the necessity for your business in a customer’s life. With these tips in your tool belt, you’ll be well on your way to providing a memorable experience for your small business’ clients. Your customers won’t know how they survived without you!