Smile! It’ll Do You and Your Callers Good!

Jenny B.

Today’s guest blog post is by virtual receptionist Jenny B.! We asked her what she recommends for folks who answer phones as part of their job.

My best advice for a receptionist, or even someone answering their own calls? Smile!

It sounds silly, but callers can absolutely hear that smile. It changes your whole tone of voice. Try it!

Even better? There’s plenty of evidence that suggests that smiling (even if you don’t really feel like it) increases your actual feelings of happiness. Charles Darwin wrote in 1872 that “[t]he free expression by outward signs of an emotion intensifies it.” If you feel good, and show it, you will feel even better.

My Southern deb of a grandmother always instructed me to grin until it hurt while preparing to go out for the evening. She swore that doing so would make me feel all the more excited about my plans, and the smile would stick. She was right, and it’s the best beauty advice I’ve ever received. Ruby’s got such a fantastic reputation for customer service, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that our receptionists don’t just sound cheerful, they’re actually happy. Our smiles are genuine to begin with, and perpetuate the smiles of others, and nothing makes us happier. It’s a big cycle of grins. What could be better?

I’ve found that I have the ability to set the tone for a call. If you approach a caller with confidence and a great attitude, your callers respond exactly in kind. You can hear them smiling too. Who doesn’t want to talk to more happy people? A big grin makes for great customer service in person, of course. But smiling on the phone matters, and makes the whole day way more fun. I promise.