The Return of Face-to-Face Connections: Stack Your Phones at Lunch

Phone StackWe can’t do without our smartphones — many of us even check our phones every few minutes. It’s with the best of intentions; we want to be responsive! But this focus on technology can hinder face-to-face connections. You hear the buzzing or beeping of your phone, and the next thing you know, you’ve tuned out your in-person guest.

To break this habit, try the “Phone Stacking Game” when sitting down to lunch with friends or colleagues.

At the beginning of the meal, everyone stacks their phones in the middle of the table. Invariably, you’ll hear texts, notifications, or calls, but concentrate on your conversation with your companions — the first one to answer the siren’s ringtone pays for lunch!

How are you bringing back personal connections? Share your story in the comment section below!

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