What your phone number says about your business

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Changing phone numbers can be a drag.

First, you’re forced to update countless online accounts with your new digits. Then comes an obligatory post on social media informing others of this tragedy. And finally, you have the near-impossible task of memorizing your new and unfamiliar number.

To put it plainly, it stinks.

Swapping your business number can also be a hassle. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if updating your current number was…wait for it…an opportunity?

Yes, believe it or not, the phone number associated with your business can be a powerful opportunity to stand out, build your brand, and set caller expectations.

Consider what you could do with a new business number:

  • A toll-free number can reflect your company’s national presence—or make you look bigger than you are.
  • A local number can help you create trust in the community or communities you serve.
  • A vanity number can serve as a fun element in your marketing and a handy mnemonic device for callers.

Each of these comes with its own advantages, but more importantly, each gives potential callers a very different impression of your business.  Let’s explore three options and what they say about your company.

Toll-free number—AKA “The Big Fish”

“For legal help that’s a bar above the rest, call 1-800-555-555.”

Official-sounding and easy to remember—now that’s a business number ready for TV and radio!

This, plus the fact that callers aren’t charged long-distance fees, has made toll-free numbers the standard for large organizations with even larger reach. If you’re a growing business that’s looking to expand into new areas, a toll-free number can make potential customers feel more confident in reaching out.

And because toll-free numbers aren’t location-specific, you’ll be able to use it no matter where your business takes you down the road!

Local number—AKA “The Hometown Hero”

One drawback of toll-free numbers is that some customers will assume you’re a telemarketer trying to contact them, or worse…a robocall (shudder).

That changes when you’re calling from a local area number. In fact, a study by Software Advice found that people are twice as likely to answer unknown local numbers compared to those from out-of-stateand nearly four times as likely when compared to toll-free numbers!

It’s human nature that people prefer to talk with someone in their own backyard. Using a local number lets you build trust and connect with customers in a specific area you’re targeting. Best of all, your business can use these numbers even if you operate out of state.

Vanity number—AKA “The Forget-Me-Not”

Deciding whether to go with a toll-free number vs. a local number will largely depend on your business’s long-term goals. However, while it’s true that both can help your business in different ways, there’s no denying that they’re really just jumbles of digits at the end of the day.

Think about it: If you’re interested in calling Lester’s Lamps, is it easier to remember 555-5135 or 555-LAMP?

That’s what you get with a personalized vanity number. Not only is it a branding home run—it’s highly effective at bringing in more leads for your business; according to a 2007 study, 72% of people surveyed were able to remember a branded number used in a 30-second radio spot.

Claim your new business number today!

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When you use Ruby, you get to choose a dedicated Ruby-hosted phone number. Whether you want to connect with people in your community, add credibility to your growing operation, or stick out in a crowded market, your new Ruby business number can help make it happen!

Here’s how it works: During the account setup process, we’ll ask you to select a local or toll-free number you want to associate with your Ruby service. You can use this new number as your public business number. (Or, if you have an existing number, you can simply choose to have your calls forwarded to the Ruby number.)

Keep in mind that while Ruby isn’t able to provide our customers with vanity numbers, our friends at Grasshopper are! Click here to learn how they can help set your business up with a branded local or toll-free number.

We can also host or port your published business number, which offers all kinds of benefits. Number one on the list is the ability to keep your work and personal lines separate—a major issue for small business owners and sole proprietors who use their cell phones to connect with clients.

And that’s not all. Once we have you set up, you can start streamlining customer communication by adjusting your call forwarding preferences. If Ruby hosts your business number, you can even use it to send business texts.

Interested in learning more? Use your existing number for one last call and reach out to us today at 844-311-RUBY!

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