WOW story of the month: queen of everything.

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Like most businesses, Ruby receives a huge flow of incoming emails each day. To help us manage our general inbox, we have a dedicated group to sort through each and every email—our Happiness Concierge team. With so many emails coming through, the team stumbles across a few tidbits that aren’t quite business as usual from time to time. Such was the case with an assist request sent in by Ruby customer, Hunter Lowder.

Assists are outbound calls our Rubys make on behalf of our customers. Need to confirm or cancel an appointment with a client? Want to add a bit of extra care by proactively offering driving directions to seminar participants? Our assist service is the perfect solution!

As a frequent user of Ruby’s assist service, Hunter’s request itself was nothing out of the ordinary—that was until the team noticed Hunter’s new email signature: Hunter Lowder, Queen of Everything. This opportunity to WOW could not be missed!


The entire Happiness Concierge team cooked up a plan to have a custom desk nameplate made for Hunter, showcasing her new title. Once it arrived, they also hopped in the Ruby photo booth and snapped a quick pic. The gift, the photo, and a card personally signed by the whole team flew off to Hunter post haste.

The response? Priceless. Hunter loved the gift! And it came at just the right time, in the middle of a hectic couple of months. She even shared the story with her company’s 3,275 Facebook followers on their business page!

“WOW! It’s official. Thank you so much to the wonderful people at Ruby Receptionists for this plaque! After a stressful 5 months (yes, I’m counting) it literally brought a tear to my eye that the fabulous people who help me so much by fielding our millions of phone calls (slight exaggeration) sent me a thank you. It’s really the little things that businesses can do for their clients, people who refer them, etc. that make a huge difference in loyalty. I will be with this company forever (since it doesn’t look like we’re ever going to get it together enough to answer our own calls)! Thank you all for the lovely present.”

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