WYWO: A holiday self-care-ol

‘Twas the third week of winter, and on was the pressure
To find gifts for your contacts, causing stress without measure;
What to get for your customers, your colleagues, and clients?
The search for these presents is an imperfect science.

You deliver great service all through the year
Yet start drawing a blank as the holidays near.
Should you spring for a basket or just a signed card?
Knowing just what to get is incredibly hard.

When all of a sudden, it all comes together;
You’ll get the people you serve a nice cozy sweater!
A few gift certificates for all of your vendors;
And a personal letter for your five biggest spenders!

A weight has been lifted; decisions were made.
Gifts are off to the clients whose invoices are paid.
You sit back in your chair as your laptop snaps closed;
Proudly thinking of all the presents you chose.

But you forgot someone special, someone closer to home;
You neglected to purchase a gift of your own!
The same happened last year, and the year before that;
You almost always forget, as a matter of fact.

Now we can’t say we blame you; you must understand,
As a small business owner, time off can be hard to plan.
But just as stockings are hung by the chimney with care,
Don’t overdo it or risk your welfare.

Here’s a gentle reminder, this holiday season
To make space for yourself, no matter the reason.
A week-long vacation or a few days to rest,
Helps ensure that you remain at your best!

And when you return, all relaxed and cheery,
You’ll have shown us that we were right in our theory;
That success comes to those who are merry and bright,
So please clock off early and sleep through the night!

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