WYWO: Saying hello to saying hello

The average person says hello 27 times a day.

The (not so) average virtual receptionist does it 250 times a day.

And if you’re a (definitely not) average pop superstar, you say it 9 times in 5 minutes and break records worldwide.

Whoever you are—average or not—we all spend a significant portion of our lives greeting one another. And like a lot of things in life, we do it absent-mindedly.

However, a casual head nod in the breakroom or on the sidewalk doesn’t have the power to change your day. Saying hello, and saying it mindfully, does.

Taking a closer look at mindful greetings—just for the hello of it

We already know the value of every workplace conversation. But what about the act that sparks those exchanges?

We don’t have a dollar amount for every “hi” or “how you doin’?”, but there are some worthwhile benefits that come with each:

  • Greeting those outside of your network can help you make connections and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Starting a conversation, whether in-person or online, signals to others that you’re approachable and open to collaboration.
  • Most importantly, acknowledging others (even strangers) can help you feel less isolated and more connected with the world around you.

As Ruby’s content writer, I suppose this was my own way of introducing myself and this blog “column,” while you were out (WYWO)—but I also hope these tips help you better understand the importance of introducing yourself.

So, next time you say “hello,” try doing it with intention. You might be surprised by what one word and a smile can accomplish.

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