WYWO: The business of acronyms


If you’ve had your heart broken, you know just how scary those three little words can be.

And if you’ve ever owned an SMB, you know how terrifying those three big letters can feel.

But those aren’t the only ones. Whether you’re worried about the ROI of your current PPC campaign, or what your P&L will look like by EOW, the number of initialisms in your inbox can leave you wanting to head permanently OOO.

That’s because many of today’s business acronyms are better at causing confusion than they are at streamlining communication. In fact, some professionals argue that the workplace would be better off if they all just GTFO.

However, there are a few abbreviations that remain useful (cough, WYWO, cough)—especially for small business owners.


How to be an SMB SME, ASAP


It typically follows that the longer the acronym, the bigger the business it’s meant to serve—for example, AIDA and EBITDA.

The acronyms that make sense for small businesses are, well, smaller. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Here are the ones to know by heart:

  • SEO: Content is king—long may it reign. Having the right search engine optimization strategy in place is key if you want to capture your local audience’s attention.
  • SBA: You’re probably already familiar with the US Small Business Administration and its low-interest loans. But they also offer a host of other resources, including investment capital and grants, that entrepreneurs can take advantage of.
  • WOM: Never underestimate the power of positive buzz. Creating a referral program can bring in more business through word-of-mouth marketing and help you retain more of the customers you already have.

TL;DR: not all acronyms are created equal—so keep the focus on straightforward, honest communication with your customers and team members.


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