WYWO: There’s no business like small business

Lightbulbs, camera stands, action movies!

Whether you operate a local hardware haunt, hobby shop, or video rental store (hang in there!), you know the thrill that comes with running a small business.

So do we—and so do the 32 million other entrepreneurs working tirelessly behind the scenes to help their customers and communities.

But not everyone is ready for their company close-up. A looming recession, rising inflation, and an ongoing labor shortage have left many small business owners more worried about keeping the lights on than seeing their name up in them.

Fortunately, there’s still plenty to get excited about come curtain time.

It’s time for small business to steal the show.

We use a lot of words to describe small businesses here at Ruby: empathic, hard-working, champions.

I’m going to throw another one into the mix: flexible.

Unlike their larger counterparts, small businesses are nimble enough to navigate around new obstacles—instead of trying to tackle them head-on. So, while we’re seeing massive corporate layoffs as the market shifts, small businesses are:

  • Opening in record numbers: The number of new small business applications has tapered off slightly in 2022, but we’re still seeing more entrepreneurs strike out on their own compared to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Thinking outside the box: New ways of reaching the right audience are affording creators the opportunity to pursue their passion professionally.
  • Doubling down on customer service: Better insights into the needs of the people they serve means that small teams are better positioned to meet rising customer expectations.

Whatever challenges lie ahead, one thing’s for certain: the show must go on. Now’s your chance to take the stage and steal the spotlight away from the competition.

Break a leg!

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