Guide: Calculating the future

Growing your financial practice in the 2020s

Disruption and rapid change in the financial industry have left many scrambling to predict what’s next, and top-notch communication and tech-enabled convenience are becoming increasingly vital to concerned and motivated financial services consumers. In this e-guide we cover trends, what’s working, and what the next generation of financial customers expect.

Ruby guide: Calculating the future (on an iPad)

What's in the guide?

2020 key lessons and takeaways

A hectic year put a spotlight on the importance of financial stability.​

The new financial client​

Today’s clients demand increased and on-point communication.

Staying ahead of trends​

To remain competitive, traditional advisors need to consider their digital systems.​

Smart, simple solutions for tomorrow​

Identifying and reducing poor operations now can help you build resilience for the next disruption.​