A focus on client care builds trust and supports growth.

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Axia Public Relations specializes in helping B2B and B2C companies gain more customers nationwide through comprehensive PR solutions including earned, shared, and owned media. Founder and managing partner, Jason Mudd, started the firm in June 2002, and today, Axia employs talented PR professionals across the United States.

Seeking an experience to match Axia's mission

In Greek, axia means “worthy or having value.” The name serves as the team’s guiding principle, reminding them that their true value is as a trusted partner and adviser. As an organization committed to high-touch client service, Axia understands the importance of every client touchpoint — including the phone call.

Before using Ruby, the associates shared the responsibility of answering calls, but the solution was far from ideal. “I’m employing PR professionals who are better served to focus on the task at hand and taking care of our clients,” says Jason.

In addition to taking his team away from valuable work, incoming calls were downright disruptive. “I know studies show it can take five or more minutes to recover from a single interruption. I’m sensitive to every distraction, notification, popup, alert—anything that happens around my team or on their devices, and the impact it has on our company’s workflow.” Without the call volume to justify a full-time receptionist, Jason and his team were in a bind.

A surprising answer

One day when calling an attorney colleague, Jason was greeted by an unfamiliar, but friendly voice that piqued his interest. “I
knew she didn’t have any staff, so when I talked to her I said, ‘Who was that answering your phone? And boy, were they professional and happy!’ She said she’d been using Ruby. I was really impressed.” He called Ruby, signed up, and “we’ve never looked back!”

Being budget-conscious and productivity-minded, partnering with Ruby was an easy choice for Jason. “Bottom line, when I saw Ruby’s pricing and the quality of service, I said, ‘Let’s try this out because I guarantee it costs me more money to have my team multitasking and be disrupted by answering the phones.’”

Custom-tailored to fix Axia

Ruby’s ability to customize their service is a standout feature for Axia. Says Jason, “Ruby has specific instructions for each person on the team and each type of call that comes in, and it’s far superior to anything I’ve experienced with third-party services. Ruby truly cares how our calls are handled.”

Custom-tailored to fix Axia

“Ruby’s culture and values shine through,” says Jason. “Ruby does something unique and I don’t believe people can tell it’s a service at all. I think it’s all about the energy and enthusiasm as well as their ability to build and leverage technology to provide an outstanding service.”

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