Prero Orthodontics: a story worth smiling about.

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For most business owners, a client’s smile is a bonus. For Dr. Dovi Prero, it’s a lifelong pursuit. Since 2014, the Beverly Hills-based orthodontist has dedicated himself to putting smiles on his patients’ faces, in more ways than one.

“I became an orthodontist because of the relationship I can create with my patients,” said Dr. Prero. “It’s about the feeling of being taken care of, of another person’s interest in your success and self-esteem.”

In addition to cutting edge dental technology and orthodontic solutions, Dr. Prero’s practice is characterized by his passion for his work, commitment to his local community, and personal approach with every patient.

“Because we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a high quality of care, we must also pride ourselves on our accessibility for our patients,” he said. “They should be able to connect with someone who represents our practice, at any time.”

Missed revenue from missed connections.

Early on in his business, however, Dr. Prero found that he struggled to convert website visitors into real leads. There seemed to be no way to follow up with prospective patients: “When people visited the website, regardless if they were referred by another doctor, a friend, or a Google search, we had no means of engaging with them.”

This was a frustrating and costly problem. Orthodontic treatment can range between a couple hundred and several thousand dollars. According to Dr. Prero’s estimates, he was losing an average of $4,000 per missed connection online.

Moreover, given that many patients become sources of referrals, he believes those lost customers could each have brought $30,000 to the business, or more.

Recognizing immediate benefits from online referrals.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Prero Orthodontics found a solution. While attending an orthodontic conference, Dr. Prero discovered Ruby.

Ruby’s online chat features are what drew Dr. Prero to the company

The benefits were immediately apparent: live chat can generate up to 40% more leads, visitors can chat live with a live agent any time of the day, and Ruby’s chat agents are available 24/7.

“I signed up right there,” said Dr. Prero. “As soon as we started using them, we started getting referrals.”

“We got the actual transcript of every chat, showing us exactly what people were concerned about or what their questions were. The transcript would also give us a visitor’s IP address and the link they clicked on to find our website. We could see if they were coming from Instagram, Google, Yelp, and so on. That has been very helpful in honing in on where our marketing resources go.

Enterprise-quality online chat for growing small businesses.

Comprehensive customer service and support may sound like a solution only accessible by enterprise organizations, but Ruby is built for businesses like Prero Orthodontics. The vast majority of Ruby’s customers operate small, growing companies with closeknit teams.

Much like Dr. Prero’s practice, Ruby was founded to foster human connections and make people smile. It’s a shared DNA that the orthodontist describes in a single word: trust.

“Trust is what makes any kind of medical or therapeutic treatment successful. And we trust Ruby to be our all-inclusive safety net. From the moment you engage online, you’re going to be taken care of by a friendly person. It’s about continuity of care—from the beginning to the end, across all touch points with our office.”

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