Artibot or Ruby: What's right for you?

The way you connect with website visitors matters. Sometimes, all you need is a chatbot to collect leads. But other times, your visitors want to connect with a real person who can provide live answers and excellent customer service.

Whether you’re looking for lead capture, customer communication, or both, we can point you to the right solution for your business. ArtiBot and Ruby have a few things in common but are largely built for different uses.

Here’s what you need to know about the differences between ArtiBot and Ruby:

Free plan available
Automated lead capture
Lets you create your own chatbot
Offers hosted landing pages
Available outside the US and Canada
Staffed by highly trained real people, 24/7
Offers virtual receptionist phone answering in addition to chat
Delivers personal experiences
Can schedule appointments
Can collect payments for your business
Integrates with Zapier
Has a mobile app with live notifications

Still not sure what solution is right for your business?

Try ArtiBot for yourself, for free, by visiting

If you’re looking for more than automated lead capture, and you’re located in the US or Canada, a paid plan with Ruby’s virtual receptionists and managed live chat might be for you. (Plus, when you sign up for Ruby, you get free access to ArtiBot!)