An entrepreneur's guide to customer communication that makes everyone happy

Presented by Ruby and Entrepreneur

Did you know that more than 82% of consumers use local businesses—and more often than national chains? That represents a massive opportunity for a growing business. And the best way to capitalize on this opportunity is through digital marketing.

Learn how to use digital tools to make a bigger local marketing splash and effortlessly grow your business in this guide from Ruby and Entrepreneur. You’ll get practical information on attracting a local audience online, delivering the right experiences to new contacts, and converting more leads into customers or clients.

You'll learn how to:

Own your backyard.

Capture your local market with tested digital marketing tools and strategies.

Meet and exceed new contacts' expectations.

Discover why there's a gap when it comes to customer expectations and business practices—and how to close that gap to win and retain buyers.

Never miss an opportunity again.

Master the art of earning people's trust (and business) with the right approach to customer communication.