Tax season stress ends here.

Cryptocurrency, stimulus checks, capital gains, bracket changes, child tax credits—add all these together and what do you end up with? One ultra-complicated tax season that’s sure to leave even the most seasoned financial professionals with their hands full.  And while being busy is (usually) a good thing, it also makes it hard to stay on top of client communication. 

That’s where Ruby comes in.

Our team of virtual receptionists are available 24/7 to greet callers and website visitors, schedule appointments, follow up with clients, capture opportunities, and so much more. We’re here to help save you time—and brain power—so you can focus on providing the solutions your filers need.


“As a small firm, it is great to have competent, well-trained backup receptionists who have made our clients feel that they are not merely robotic call answerers. The background information they collected about each of our staff members allows their receptionists to talk more meaningfully with callers.”

Claude R. Schwesig, HerrickGlobal

Resources for CPAs, CFPs, and other finance pros ​

In need of a little preparation prep? Learn how to navigate a tax season like no other with in-depth tips and insights: 

Deliver personal experiences and answers for your clients.

For countless taxpayers, automated filing software can’t cut it this year. Whether they’re first-time investors, new freelancers and business owners, or families whose living costs have soared, people are depending on personalized help from experts like you.

Fortunately, experts like you can depend on Ruby. We deliver exceptional experiences for your new and existing clients online and over the phone with 24/7 call handling, live chat, bilingual service, client intake, scheduling, and much more.

Why Ruby?

  • Calls answered within an average of 6 seconds
  • Customizable, flexible call handling instructions
  • Easy activity management and monitoring with all-in-one mobile app
  • 4.7 rating average on Trustpilot
  • 14,000 small business customers—and counting!

Ready to take on tax season?

Our virtual receptionists are ready for you.